Do you have any questions or suggestions about our programmes, reception or our website? Then send us an e-mail to info(at) We will endeavour to respond to specific questions within three days.


Demo recordings can be sent by post to the studio address or emailed to info(at) In case of larger shipment items (more than 1 CD) from abroad please contact the music editors in advance at the above e-mail address to avoid any ex-post customs charges that might be levied by the postal service. We don’t send confirmations of receipt.

The submitted music should be in line with the format of Radio Swiss Classic; contemporary compositions in a neo-classical style or with elements of jazz, pop, tango, world music etc. can’t be considered for the music programme.

Due to the huge increase in demos, we cannot enter into any correspondence regarding our selection process. It may take several weeks from when you submit the demo to it being played on air.

Studio address:

Radio Swiss Classic
Schweizerische Radio- und Fernsehgesellschaft
Studio Basel
4002 Basel
Tel. +41 58 134 60 30