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Radio Swiss Classic Music. Pure.

Classical music relaxes and is the best antidote to stress. The commercial-free Radio Swiss Classic is particularly appreciated by music lovers who like to listen more closely. A broad cross-section from different eras and different styles of classical music best describes the programme. In addition to compositions by famous masters one regularly discovers works by less well-known composers. Around half of the tracks come from musicians in Switzerland. Lovers of classical music know: With Radio Swiss Classic life is a symphony.

Radio Swiss Classic is a music programme provided by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR. The music programme consists of 4,300 tracks. On average, around 50 percent of the music has a connection to Switzerland.


Audience figures

In 2021, 119,000 people listened to Radio Swiss Classic in Switzerland.
Source: Mediapulse Radio Data (EvoRep)

Our radio hosts (German-speaking)

Marco caduff 9130

Marco Caduff

Silvia planzer 4687

Silvia Planzer

Thomas c gass 4637

Thomas C. Gass

Sylvia garatti 7376

Sylvia Garatti

Niels stockholm 7311

Niels Stokholm


Schuler michael foto oscar alessio srf 169

Michael Schuler

Managing Director
Favourite piece in the programme

Kristmann fabian foto oscar alessio srf 169

Fabian Kristmann

Music editor
Listener‘s Services
Favourite piece in the programme

Koenig sebastien foto oscar alessio srf 169

Sébastien Koenig

Music editor
Audio Engineering
Favourite piece in the programme

Menger tobias foto oscar alessio srf 169

Tobias Menger

Software Development
Favourite piece in the programme