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Bengt Forsberg

Bengt Forsberg

nato 1952 a Edslekog, Västergötland, Svezia

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Bengt Forsberg

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Bengt Forsberg (born 1952) is a Swedish concert pianist most famous for his numerous collaborations with the mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter.[1] He participated in her project to record songs written in the concentration camp of Terezín.[2] Forsberg has a reputation as a champion of neglected music and composers.[3][4] He is highly acclaimed as a recital accompanist and regularly plays alongside Mats Lidström and Nils-Erik Sparf.[4]

After graduating from the Gothenburg School of Music and Musicology, Forsberg was trained by Peter Feuchtwanger and Herman David Koppel.[4]


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