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Eduard Brunner

Eduard Brunner

nato il 12.7.1939 a Basel, BS, Svizzera

morto il 27.4.2017 a München, Bayern, Germania

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Eduard Brunner

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Eduard Brunner is a classical clarinetist. He began his musical education in Basel (Switzerland), where he was born (14. Juli 1939), continuing his studies at the Paris Conservatoire with Louis Cahuzac. For thirty years he was the first Clarinet of the Munich's Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and now he is Professor of Clarinet and Chamber Music at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst in Saarbrücken (Germany).

His concert engagements as soloist and in chamber ensembles have taken him around the world and he regularly participates in Music Festivals at Lockenhaus, Vienna, Moscow, Warsaw, Schleswig-Holstein, Berlin, amongst others. He currently imparts numerous Master Classes in different countries and has an extensive discography of over 250 works for Clarinet.[1] He has edited and recorded the complete works of Carl Stamitz and Ludwig Spohr for Clarinet.

He is an eminent musician who has had an influence on various artists and has played at the premiere of a number of works that have become a part of the Clarinet repertoire, such as works by Helmut Lachenmann, Isang Yun, Edison Denisov, Jean Françaix, Gia Kancheli, Krzysztof Meyer, amongst others.


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