Wilbur "Bad" Bascomb Jr.

nato il 24.1.1934 a Washington Heights, NY, Stati Uniti d'America

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Wilbur Bascomb

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Wilbur Bascomb

Wilbur "Bad" Bascomb is an American bassist who has played on numerous jazz and funk recordings.

He has recorded with Galt McDermot, Jeff Beck, James Brown, and B.B. King. Known for his performance on Jeff Beck's Wired album and the soundtrack for the 1979 film version of Hair,[1] he co-wrote "Head For Backstage Pass", a riff-based jam featured on Wired, in which he plays an extensive bass solo in the introduction.

His song "Black Grass" from his Black grass music album was also included in the influential breakbeat compilation Ultimate Breaks and Beats.


With Rusty Bryant

  • Until It's Time for You to Go (Prestige, 1974)

With Grace Jones

  • Portfolio (1977)

With George Benson

  • Good King Bad (CTI, 1975)

With Jeff Beck

  • Wired (1976)

With Chuck Berry

  • Chuck Berry (1975)

With Bo Diddley

  • Big Bad Bo (1974)

With Andy Bey

  • Experience and Judgment (1974)

With Lou Donaldson

  • Sassy Soul Strut (1973)
  • Sweet Lou (1974)

With Jack McDuff

  • The Fourth Dimension (Cadet, 1974)

With Alphonse Mouzon

  • The Essence of Mystery (1972)

With Idris Muhammad

  • House of the Rising Sun (1976)
  • Turn This Mutha Out (1977)

With Houston Person

  • Suspicions (Muse, 1980)
  • Heavy Juice (Muse, 1982)


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