Sigi Schwab

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nato il 5.8.1940 a Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germania

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Sigi Schwab

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Sig(g)i Schwab, real name Siegfried,(* August 5. 1940 ) in Ludwigshafen is an outstanding German guitar player and teacher, having performed on more than 15000 recordings for film, television, and as an accompanist to various artists.[1] He plays in a wide variety of styles, including baroque and jazz.[2][3] Schwab played in German groupes like Et Cetera, Embryo and with Ramesh Shotham.In 1980 Schwab played with Chris Hinze at the 5. North Sea Jazz Festival.


  • Et Cetera with Wolfgang Dauner (p), Eberhard Weber (b), Fred Braceful, Roland Wittig (dr)
  • Embryo with Christian Burchard (dr-perc), Mal Waldron (p), Dave King (b)
  • Diabelli Trio with Willy Freivogel (fl),Enrique Santiago (vla)
  • Guitarissimo with Peter Horton (g)
  • Percussion Academia with Freddie Santiago and Guillermo Marchena (dr- perc)
  • Percussion Project with Ramesh Shotham and Andreas Keller (dr- perc)
  • Mandala duo with Ramesh Shotham


  • The Fabulous Guitar (1967)
  • Et Cetera (1970)
  • Father,Son and Holy Ghosts (1972)
  • Continental Experience with George Shearing (1975)
  • Bali-Agung (1975) with Eberhard Schoener
  • Meditations (1979)
  • Live at the Northsea Jazz Festival (1980) with Chris Hinze
  • Wiener Serenade with Diabelli Trio (1981)
  • Silversand (1985)
  • Meditations 2 (1986)
  • Mandala (1995)
  • Session 2000 (2000)
  • On Stage (2009)


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