Tony Bowers

nato il 31.10.1952 a Culcheth, Gran Bretagna

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Tony Bowers

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Tony Bowers

Tony Bowers (born 31 October 1952 in England)[1][2] is a musician based in Italy who has worked with many bands, including Simply Red in the 1980s.

He debuted with a blues band called Blind Eye (1971-1972), as second guitarist, although he isn't considered a former member.[3] After playing in other blues bands, he joined Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, with whom he played bass on every released album and single. Later, in 1978, he formed The Durutti Column, alongside guitarists Vini Reilly and Dave Rowbotham and drummer Chris Joyce. After some gigs and the release of two songs on a various artists compilation called A Factory Sample, he and the latter two left the band, forming The Mothmen alongside also ex-Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias member Bob Harding. Bowers continues to play, write and produce, including co-producing Ray Tarantino's debut album, "Recusant,"[4] which propelled Tarantino to No. 1 unsigned artist from the UK on MySpace,[5] topping the charts alongside Amy Winehouse and Gomez.[6] Bowers lists more recent projects on his Discogs[7] and MySpace (TonyBowers52, Plantation) sites.


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