Jim Mullen

nato il 2.11.1945 a Glasgow, Scotland, Gran Bretagna

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Jim Mullen

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Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen (born 26 November 1945) is a Glasgow-born jazz guitarist with a distinctive style, like Wes Montgomery before him, picking with the thumb rather than a plectrum.[1]


Having played with Brian Auger's Oblivion Express,[2] appearing on the band's first three albums together with future Average White Band drummer Robbie McIntosh, Mullen then joined Kokomo and later toured with the Average White Band.

It was while both musicians were touring the U.S. with AWB in the mid-70s that Mullen met up with tenor saxophone player Dick Morrissey, and throughout the 1980s, he found considerable critical, if not commercial, acclaim as joint leader of the pioneering British jazz funk band MorrisseyMullen.[2] Record producer Richard Niles, who produced the band's sixth album, It's About Time, would go on to produce three solo albums for Mullen.[3]

Mullen has also played and recorded with, among others, Pete Brown & Piblokto!, Mose Allison, Hamish Stuart, Joanna Eden, Tam White, Claire Martin, Mike Carr, Jimmy Witherspoon, Dave O'Higgins and Georgie Fame, Sinan Alimanovi and Frank Holder.

He has won many British music awards including "Best Guitar" in the British Telecom Jazz Awards (1994, 1996 and 2000).

Most recently, Jim Mullen has recorded as part of The AllStars, a collective of session musicians on their Paul McCartney-produced album All About the Music, alongside special guests Jocelyn Brown, Hamish Stuart and Angelo Starr.

In 2014, Mullen featured prominently on the Citrus Sun Album, People of Tomorrow, produced by Incognito co-founder, Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick.


Further information: MorrisseyMullen
As leader/co-leader
  • 1980: Live' at Ronnie Scott's - with Mike Carr and Harold Smith
  • 1993: Good Times and The Blues - with Dick Morrissey and Mike Carr
  • 1993: Soundbites
  • 1997: Big Blues - with Jimmy Witherspoon
  • 2000: Burns
  • 2001: We Go Back
  • 2001: ...but beautiful - Jim Mullen Helmut Nieberle Sextett, bobtale records
  • 2002: jimjam - with Hamish Stuart
  • 2003: Rule of Thumb - with Laurence Cottle
  • 2003: Live in Glasgow - with Gary Husband, Mick Hutton and Gareth Williams
  • 2007: All About the Music - The AllStars
  • 2007: Smokescreen - The Jim Mullen Organ Trio featuring Stan Sulzmann
As sideman
  • 1977: Benny and Us Average White Band[4]
  • 1994: Things May Come and Things May Go but the Art School Dance Goes on Forever (Harvest SHVL 768) (1970) - Pete Brown's Piblokto!: CD re-release - Repertoire (REP 4407-WY)
  • 1994: Thousands On A Raft (Harvest SHVL 782) (1970) - Pete Brown's Piblokto: CD re-release - Repertoire (REP 4408-WY)
  • 1977:The Atlantic Family Live in Montreaux
  • 2001: Cartoon Capers
  • 2002: The Mose chronicles: live in London, vol. 2 - with Mose Allison, Blue Note
  • 2002: He Never Mentioned Love - Claire Martin


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