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nato il 20.5.1932 a Los Angeles, CA, Stati Uniti d'America

morto il 15.5.2008 a Los Angeles, CA, Stati Uniti d'America

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Bob Florence

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Bob Florence

Bob Florence (May 20, 1932 – May 15, 2008) was an American jazz arranger and pianist.


Florence began taking piano lessons at five and initially intended to be a concert pianist. His direction changed when he was exposed to jazz at Los Angeles City College.

At the beginning of his career, Florence worked as a pianist and arranger with Dave Pell. He founded his first band in the late 1950s, working with, amongst others, Herb Geller, Bud Shank, Frank Capp and Bob Enevoldsen. Florence later participated in big band projects in the Los Angeles area, working mainly with session musicians and as an accompanist to various singers. Throughout his career, Florence worked as an arranger for Harry James, Louie Bellson, Stan Kenton, Buddy Rich, Count Basie and Doc Severinsen.

In 2000, Florence won the Grammy for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Performance. He died of pneumonia, at the age of 75, in Los Angeles, California.[1]

Selected discography

  • Meet The Bob Florence Trio (Era, 1956)
  • Name Band- 1959 (Fresh Sound, 1958) with Herb Geller and Bob Enevoldsen
  • Here and Now (Liberty Records/Fresh Sound, 1964) with Bud Shank and Frank Capp
  • Live at Concerts By The Sea (Trend, 1980)
  • Westlake (Discovery, 1981)
  • Soaring (Sea Breeze, 1982)
  • Magic Time (Trend, 1983)
  • Trashcan City (Discovery, 1986)
  • The Norwegian Radio Big Band meets Bob Florence (Odin, 1986)
  • State of the Art (USA Music Group, 1988)
  • Funupsmanship (MAMA, 1992)
  • Earth (MAMA, 1996)
  • Serendipity (MAMA, 1998)
  • Another Side (MAMA, 2002)
  • Whatever Bubbles Up (Summit Records, 2003)
  • Friends, Treasures, Heroes (Summit Records, 2005)
  • You Will Be My Music (MAMA, 2007)
  • Legendary (MAMA, 2009)

As Arranger/Conductor

With Joe Pass

  • A Sign of the Times (World Pacific, 1965)

See also

  • List of jazz arrangers


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