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nato il 13.4.1935

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Jack Renner (recording engineer)

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Jack L. Renner (born April 13, 1935) is an American classically trained musician and recording engineer, best known as chairman, CEO and chief recording engineer of the Telarc International Corporation.

Renner received a Bachelor of Science degree and completed graduate work at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He has worked as a professional trumpeter, recording engineering consultant, freelance recording engineer, high school music teacher and public speaker. Renner has received 20 Grammy Award nominations, winning eleven.[1]

Renner made his first recording on February 20, 1962. He pioneered the development of the digital recording process for jazz, classical and symphonic music. In 1978, he made the first symphonic digital recording and the first orchestral digital recording in the United States.[1]

Renner holds an Honorary Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music.


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