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François-Joseph Gossec "Le Triomphe de la République"

Diego Fasolis

François-Joseph Gossec "Le Triomphe de la République"

Casa discografica Chaconne / CHAN 0727

Anno di produzione 2006

François-Joseph Gossec
Le Triomphe de la République
1. Ouverture (Allegro molto)
2. Allegro moderato
3. March (Grave)
4. God of the people and of kings
5. Taste, Republicans, the sweetness of the truce
6. Sun, passing overhead on your habitual course
7. Citizens, who with ardent courage...
8. You gentle young ladies and all you young men
9. Village dance. The citizens of these shady groves
10. The trumpet has sounded; you are called to arms
11. Farewell our children and parents
12. In our youth...
13. Let's begin our celebrations
14. Take up your songs, begin the dance again
15. And at last, on the ill-fated plains
16. Essential birthright of mankind
17. New Republicans whose voices entreat me
18. Long live, long live Liberty!
19. Entry of people of various nations
20. The English, the Swiss etc
21. Dance. What of the intrepid fervour...
22. Air for the Poles. Pas de deux
27. Air for the Africans
28. Air for the Savoisiens
29. Vielle
30. Contredanse finale. Allegretto