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Eternal était un groupe de musique britannique de R&B à tendance New Jack Swing devenu célèbre en 1993. Le groupe était composé Louise Nurding aujourd'hui Louise Redknapp, Kelle Bryan et des surs Easther Bennett et Vernie Bennett

Always & Forever

  1. "Stay"
  2. "Crazy"
  3. "Save Our Love"
  4. "Oh Baby I..."
  5. "I'll Be There"
  6. "Sweet Funky Thing"
  7. "Just A Step From Heaven"
  8. "Never Gonna Give You Up"
  9. "Let's Stay Together"
  10. "This Love Is For Real"
  11. "So Good"
  12. "If You Need Me Tonight"
  13. "Don't Say Goodbye"
  14. "Amazing Grace"

Power Of A Woman

  1. "Power Of A Woman"
  2. "I Am Blessed"
  3. "Good Thing"
  4. "Telling You Now"
  5. "Hurry Up"
  6. "Redemption Song"
  7. "It Will Never End"
  8. "Who Are You"
  9. "Secrets"
  10. "Your Smile"
  11. "Don't Make Me Wait"
  12. "Up To You"
  13. "Faith In Love"

Before The Rain

  1. "Don't You Love Me"
  2. "I Wanna Be The Only One" (featuring BeBe Winans)
  3. "How Many Tears"
  4. "Grace Under Pressure"
  5. "Someday"
  6. "Think About Me"
  7. "Promises"
  8. "I'm Still Crying"
  9. "All My Love"
  10. "What Do You Mean When You Say"
  11. "Why Am I Waiting"
  12. "It's Never Too Late"
    Japanese bonus tracks
  13. "12 Months"
  14. "I'll Take A Pass On Love"
  15. "I Wanna Be The Only One" (Easther on Lead vocal)
  1. "Crazy"
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