Lester Mendez

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Lester Mendez

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Lester Mendez

Lester Mendez is an American record producer and songwriter. His production/writing credits include a multitude of successful hits including Shakira's "Underneath Your Clothes" and "La Tortura", Jessica Simpson's "A Public Affair", and Nelly Furtado's "Te Busqué".

Mendez worked with Carlos Santana on his album, Shaman. He co-wrote and produced a song with Dallas Austin and Grammy winner Macy Gray called "Amoré (Sexo)" featured on Shaman. "Amoré (Sexo)" was such a smash that Clive Davis personally asked Mendez to produce additional Santana tracks with artists such as Seal and Nickelback.

Hits written and produced by Mendez include "Objection (Tango)" and "Underneath Your Clothes", from Shakira's album, Laundry Service, on which Mendez co-wrote and produced many songs. Previously, Mendez produced five songs on Shakira's album ¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?, including "Octavo Día", which he co-wrote with her.

Mendez also produced the majority of Enrique Iglesias' Spanish album, Quizás. Mendez and Iglesias have a history together co-writing such songs as "You're My #1" and "If the World Crashes", featured on the Interscope releases Enrique and Escape respectively. Mendez also produced Iglesias' single "Sad Eyes" (written by Bruce Springsteen).

Mendez's programming, arranging, and remixing credits include artists such as: Jimmy Page, David Byrne, Ricky Martin, Spice Girls, Chris de Burgh, Johnny Mathis, Will Smith, Kerli, Collective Soul, Tarkan, Jennifer Lopez, Jewel, Grace Jones, PM Dawn, Bee Gees, Pet Shop Boys, and Angélique Kidjo.

Mendez has songs on the Kerli record called "Walking on Air" and "Hurt Me" (Island Def Jam). He also has three songs on the Lucy Walsh record including the title track "Lost in the Lights", as well as "Midnight Obsession" and "Awful Sorry" (Island Def Jam). Mendez has songs on the Jem album called "It's Amazing", "I Always New" and "I Want You To." (ATO). He is currently working with Jessie Malakouti, Young Love and they have recorded two songs "Shine" and "Like That" (Island Records). He is also working with Esmee Denters on her debut (Tennmen Records) and worked with PlayRadioPlay! (Island Def Jam) on his debut album, Texas. Mendez has a song on The Cheetah Girls album, TCG, called "On My Way" (Hollywood Records).

He also collaborated with Anastacia on her fourth studio album, Heavy Rotation. He worked with Jeffree Star on the song "Gorgeous", "Kiss It Better", and "Physical". In addition Mendez has more recently worked with Josh Groban, Dido, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Nelly Furtado, Kerli, and Oh land.

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