Julian Joseph

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Date de naissance 11.5.1966 à London, England, Grande-Bretagne

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Julian Joseph

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Julian Joseph

Julian Raphael Nathaniel Joseph (born May 11, 1966 in London)[1] is a jazz pianist, bandleader, composer, arranger and broadcaster.


Joseph has worked solo, in his all-star big band, trio, quartet, forum project band or electric band.

Joseph's style combines a respect for the modern developments in jazz piano with its history. He works in both contemporary and traditional situations with his music. He is also active in jazz education helping to form the jazz syllabus for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in Great Britain.[2]

Starting with his first album The Language of Truth in 1991,[3] Joseph has six albums, one single, and one soundtrack to his credit, and has focused on live performance, composing, broadcasting and teaching. He performed at the 2003 London Jazz Festival and also hosts several radio shows on BBC Radio 3, including Jazz Line-up and the celebrated Jazz Legends.[4] He has also made two jazz television series for Meridian, a jazz series for Sky TV's Artsworld Channel and the documentary A Festival of Jazz Piano (2006) for BBC Television in Wales directed by Celia Lowenstein.

In September 2010, Joseph was interviewed by Bruce Lindsay, a jazz critic from Allaboutjazz, who wrote: "Julian Joseph is something of a jazz master of all trades."[5]

Julian is also a trustee and vice-president of the National Youth Jazz Collective.


As leader or co-leader

  • 1991: The Language of Truth
  • 1991: The Other Side of Town (single released in various formats with varying numbers of tracks)
  • 1994: Reality
  • 1995: In Concert at the Wigmore Hall
  • 1996: Universal Traveller
  • 2009: Dance of the Three Legged Elephants (co-led with Matthew Barley)
  • 2011: Julian Joseph Live at the Vortex in London

Notable albums as sideman

Year Leader Title
1991 Barker, GuyGuy Barker Isn't It?
2004 Cobham, BillyBilly Cobham Art of Five
2002 Coleman, GeorgeGeorge Coleman Blues Inside Out
1994 Freeman, ChicoChico Freeman The Unspoken Word
2005 Torrini, EmilíanaEmilíana Torrini Fisherman's Woman
1999 Braden, DonDon Braden Fire Within
1998 F, AdamAdam F Music in My Mind
1996 Hagen, NinaNina Hagen BeeHappy
1996 Toussaint, JeanJean Toussaint Nazaire Who's Blues
1992 Pine, CourtneyCourtney Pine Closer to Home
1992 Pine, CourtneyCourtney Pine To the Eyes of Creation
1988 Pine, CourtneyCourtney Pine Destiny's Song + the Image of Pursuance
1986 Pine, CourtneyCourtney Pine Journey to the Urge Within

See also

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