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DIW Records

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DIW Records is a Japanese record label. It is a subsidiary label of Disc Union and specializes in jazz and avant garde music.[1] Kazunori Sugiyama was an executive producer for the label before starting Tzadik Records with John Zorn.


Catalog Artist Album
DIW-321 Francisco Mondragon Rio featuring Jaco Pastorius Natural
DIW-335 Kaoru Abe Last Date
DIW-349 Albert Ayler The First Recordings Vol. 2
DIW-356 Marion Brown Live In Japan
DIW-359 Doug Hammond Spaces
DIW-371 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 1
DIW-372 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 2
DIW-373 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 3
DIW-374 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 4
DIW-375 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 5
DIW-376 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 6
DIW-377 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 7
DIW-378 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 8
DIW-379 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 9
DIW-380 Kaoru Abe Solo Live At Gaya, Vol. 10
DIW-395 / 8 Muhal Richard Abrams etc. Interpretations Of Monk (4CD)
DIW-400 James Blood Ulmer - Are You Glad to Be in America?
DIW-403 James Blood Ulmer Tales of Captain Black
DIW-415 Masayuki Takayanagi, Kaoru Abe Kaitaitekikoukan
DIW-416 Robert Musso Innermideum
DIW-420 Ground Zero Plays Standards
DIW-453 Toshinori Kondo Nerve Tripper
DIW-458 Kaoru Abe The Last Recordiung
DIW-462 Ayibobo Steve Voudou
DIW-466 Willie Oteri Spiral Out
DIW-486 Tommy Flanagan Plays The Music Of Harold Arlen
DIW-601 James Williams, Richard Davis, Ronnie Burrage I Remember Clifford
DIW-602 Michel Sardaby Trio Night Blossom
DIW-603 Stanley Cowell Trio Close To You Alone
DIW-604 Ronnie Mathews Trio Dark Before The Dawn
DIW-605 Walter Bishop, Jr. Trio What's New
DIW-606 George Cables Trio Night And Day
DIW-607 Chris Anderson Trio Blues One
DIW-608 Harold Mabern Trio Straight Street
DIW-609 Geoff Keezer Trio World Music
DIW-610 Rahn Burton Trio The Poem
DIW-611 Richard Wyands Trio The Arrival
DIW-612 Ronnie Mathews Trio Lament For Love
DIW-613 Memphis Piano Convention -same-
DIW-614 Harold Mabern Trio Lookin' On The Bright Side
DIW-615 Jack Wilson Trio In New York
DIW-616 The Contemporary Piano Ensemble The Key Players
DIW-617 Robert Hurst Trio (feat. Kenny Kirkland) One For Namesake
DIW-618 Craig Taborn Trio -same-
DIW-619 Misha Mengelberg Trio No Idea
DIW-620 David Hazeltine The Classic Trio
DIW-621 Harold Mabern Trio Mabern's Grooveyard
DIW-622 Harold Mabern Trio Maya With Love
DIW-623 James Williams Magical Trio Awesome
DIW-624 Taylor Eigsti Trio Taylor's Dream
DIW-625 David Kikoski Comfortable
DIW-626 Sean Wayland Colossus Of Rhodes
DIW-627 Helge Lien Trio Spiral Circle
DIW-628 Mike Nock Changing Seasons
DIW-630 Helge Lien Trio Asymmetrics
DIW-631 Hakuei Kim Trio Open The Green Door
DIW-632 Helge Lien Trio To The Little Radio
DIW-633 Hakuei Kim Trio Home Beyond The Cloud
DIW-634 Hakuei Kim Trio Shadow Of Time
DIW-801 Phalanx Original Phalanx
DIW-802 David Murray Recording N.Y.C. 1986
DIW-803 Steve Grossman Standards
DIW-804 Art Ensemble Of Chicago Ancient to the Future
DIW-805 Sir Roland Hanna Persia My Dear
DIW-807 Stanley Cowell, Frederick Waits & Buster Williams We Three
DIW-808 Trio Transition (Reggie Workman, Freddie Waits & Mulgrew Miller) Trio Transition
DIW-809 Wilber Morris, David Murray & Dennis Charles Wilber Force
DIW-811 Steve Grossman Katonah
DIW-812 John Hicks With David Murray Sketches of Tokyo
DIW-814 David Murray Lovers
DIW-817 John Hicks Inc. 1
DIW-818 Art Ensemble Of Chicago Naked
DIW-819 David Murray & Jack DeJohnette In Our Style
DIW-820 Takeo Moriyama Live At Lovely
DIW-821 Lester Bowie's New York Organ Ensemble The Organizer
DIW-823 John Hicks Quartet featuring Bobby Watson Naima's Love Song
DIW-824 Sun Ra Arkestra Live At Pit-Inn
DIW-825 Music Revelation Ensemble (feat. James Blood Ulmer & David Murray) -same-
DIW-826 Phalanx In Touch
DIW-827 PDB (feat. Jaco Pastorius, Hilam Bullock, Kenwood Dennard) -same-
DIW-828 John Hicks Trio East Side Blues
DIW-829 Trio Transition With Special Guest Oliver Lake
DIW-830 David Murray Deep River
DIW-831 Essence (feat. Jaco Pastorius) Last Flight
DIW-832 Art Ensemble Of Chicago The Alternate Express
DIW-833 Geri Allen, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian Segments
DIW-834 Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy Serious Fun
DIW-835 Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy My Way
DIW-836 Clifford Jordan Four Play
DIW-837 Art Ensemble Of Chicago With Amabutho Art Ensemble of Soweto
DIW-838 Defunkt Heroes
DIW-839 Music Revelation Ensemble (feat. James Blood Ulmer & David Murray) Elec. Jazz
DIW-840 David Murray Ballads
DIW-841 David Murray Spirituals
DIW-842 Art Ensemble Of Chicago & Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy Live at the 6th Tokyo Music Joy
DIW-843 David Murray feat. McCoy Tyner & Elvin Jones Special Quartet
DIW-844 Charlie Haden Liberation Music Orchestra (feat. Branford Marsalis) Dream Keeper
DIW-845 James Blood Ulmer Black and Blues
DIW-846 Art Ensemble Of Chicago With Cecil Taylor Thelonious Sphere Monk: Dreaming of the Masters Series Vol. 2
DIW-847 Geri Allen, Charlie Haden & Paul Motian Live At The Village Vanguard
DIW-848 Art Ensemble Of Soweto America - South Africa
DIW-849 David Murray Quintet Remembrances
DIW-850 David Murray Quartet Shakill's Warrior
DIW-851 David Murray Big Band Conducted By Lawrence "Butch" Morris David Murray Big Band
DIW-852 Pink Inc. (feat. Jamaaladeen Tacuma) -same-
DIW-853 Lester Bowie's New York Organ Ensemble Funky T. Cool T.
DIW-854 Art Ensemble Of Chicago Dreaming of the Masters Suite
DIW-855 Music Revelation Ensemble (feat. James Blood Ulmer & David Murray) After Dark
DIW-856 David S. Ware Flight of I
DIW-857 Peter Brötzmann, Shoji Hano, Tetsu Yamauchi, Haruhiko Gotsu Dare Devil
DIW-858 Andrew Cyrille Quintet My Friend Louis
DIW-859 Rinde Eckert (feat. Bill Frisell) Finding My Way Home
DIW-860 Strata Institute (feat. Steve Coleman & Greg Osby) Transmigration
DIW-861 David Murray Quartet +1 (feat. Branford Marsalis) Fast Life
DIW-862 Ronald Shannon Jackson & The Decoding Society Raven Roc
DIW-863 Cassandra Wilson (feat. Jean-Paul Bourelly) Dance to the Drums Again
DIW-864 M-Base Collective (feat. Steve Coleman & Cassandra Wilson) Anatomy Of A Groove
DIW-865 Steve Coleman & Dave Holland Phase - Space
DIW-866 David Murray Quartet Death of a Sideman
DIW-867 David Murray & Milford Graves Real Deal
DIW-868 James Williams (feat. Joe Henderson) James Williams Meets The Saxophone Masters
DIW-869 James Blood Ulmer Blues Preacher
DIW-870 David S. Ware Third Ear Recitation
DIW-871 Geoff Keezer Other Spheres
DIW-872 Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Blue Wave Bandits Saints & Sinners
DIW-873 Robert Hurst (feat. Branford Marsalis) Robert Hurst Presents
DIW-874 Memphis Convention (feat. George Coleman & James Williams) -same-
DIW-875 James Carter Quartet JC On The Set
DIW-876 Harold Mabern (feat. Ron Carter & Jack DeJohnette) The Leading Man
DIW-877 Ayibobo Freestyle
DIW-878 James Blood Ulmer Harmolodic Guitar with Strings
DIW-879 David Murray Octet Picasso
DIW-880 David Murray Quartet Ballads for Bass Clarinet
DIW-881 David Murray Quartet Tenors
DIW-882 James Williams Up To The Minute Blues
DIW-883 Jean-Paul Bourelly & The Bluwave Bandits Blackadelic-Blu
DIW-884 David Murray Quartet Shakill's II
DIW-885 Music Revelation Ensemble In The Name Of...
DIW-886 James Carter Quartet Jurassic Classics
DIW-887 James Williams Sextet featuring Clark Terry Talkin' Trash
DIW-888 John Zorn Masada: Alef
DIW-889 John Zorn Masada: Beit
DIW-890 John Zorn Masada: Gimel
DIW-891 David Murray The Tip
DIW-892 David S. Ware Quartet Earthquation
DIW-893 Jean-Paul Bourelly Tribute To Jimi
DIW-894 David Murray Jug-A-Lug
DIW-895 Ronald Shannon Jackson What Spirit Say
DIW-896 John Patton Quartet Minor Swing
DIW-897 David Murray Big Band South Of The Border
DIW-899 John Zorn Masada: Hei
DIW-900 John Zorn Masada: Vav
DIW-901 David Murray Quartet For Aunt Louise
DIW-902 Marc Ribot Don't Blame Me
DIW-903 Arcana The Last Wave
DIW-904 Jamaaladeen Tacuma Dreamscape
DIW-905 Music Revelation Ensemble Knights Of Power
DIW-906 David Murray David Murray/James Newton Quintet
DIW-907 Rodney Whitaker Children Of The Light
DIW-908 David Murray David Murray Quintet with Ray Anderson & Anthony Davis
DIW-909 Lisle Ellis, Lawrence Ochs, Donald Robinson What We Live
DIW-910 James Blood Ulmer Music Speaks Louder Than Words - Blood Plays Ornette Coleman
DIW-912 Steve Grossman Hold The Line
DIW-913 Ronald Shannon Jackson Shannon's House
DIW-914 Vincent Chancey Next Mode
DIW-915 John Zorn Masada: Zayin
DIW-916 David S. Ware Godspelized
DIW-917 Roberto Ottaviano & Mal Waldron Black Spirits Are Here Again
DIW-918 Greg Cohen Way Low
DIW-919 John Patton Quintet This One's for Ja
DIW-920 Dougie Bowne Trio One Way Elevator
DIW-921 David Murray Quartet Love And Sorrow
DIW-922 Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra Live In Japan 1996
DIW-923 John Zorn Masada: Dalet
DIW-924 Michael Weiss Quartet Power Station
DIW-925 John Zorn Masada: Het
DIW-926 Jef Lee Johnson Communion
DIW-927 Music Revelation Ensemble Cross Fire
DIW-928 Greg Cohen Moment To Moment
DIW-929 Rodney Whitaker Hidden Kingdom
DIW-930 David Murray Quartet Long Goodbye: A Tribute to Don Pullen
DIW-931 Billy Harper If Our Hearts Could Only See
DIW-932 James Blood Ulmer Forbidden Blues
DIW-933 John Zorn Masada: Tet
DIW-934 Dave Douglas Moving Portrait
DIW-935 John Zorn Masada: Yod
DIW-936 New York Art Quartet 35th Reunion
DIW-937 James Williams All-Stars Classic Encounters!
DIW-938 Peter Brötzmann, Keiji Haino, Shoji Hano Shadows
DIW-939 Lee Konitz Some New Stuff
DIW-940 Ali/Belogenis/Morris Live At Tonic
DIW-941 David Kikoski Quintet The 5
DIW-942 Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet Live
DIW-943 Sumi Junko Ghin-Ghin Ghira-Ghira
DIW-944 Louie Belogenis Twice Told Tales
DIW-945 George Robert & Kenny Barron Peace
DIW-946 Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet Tails Out
DIW-947 George Robert feat. Kenny Barron Soul Searching
J-1001 Masahiro Yoshida, Allen Farnham & Ray Drummond Uno


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