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Overture And Rondeau From Suite "Abdelazer"

Henry Purcell

Overture And Rondeau From Suite "Abdelazer"


Performers Orchester Le Phénix (Orchestra / Ensemble)
Linard Bardill (speaking voice)

Composers Henry Purcell
* 1659, London, England, United Kingdom
† 21/11/1695, London, England, United Kingdom


Abdelazer und andere Suiten. Orchester Le Phénix

Orchester Le Phénix

 Abdelazer und andere Suiten. Orchester Le Phénix

Record Label Coviello Classics / COV 21202

Year of production 2012

Henry Purcell
The Double Dealer. Incidental Music (Z 592)
1. Overture
2. Hornpipe
3. Minuett
4. Aire
5. Hornpipe
6. Minuett (Slow Aire)
7. Minuett
8. Aire
9. Aire
Henry Purcell
Abdelazer, or The Moor's Revenge. Incidental Music (Z 570)
13. First Music (Aire)
14. Second Music (Aire)
15. Minuett
16. Second Act Tune (Aire)
17. Fourth Act Tune (Aire)
18. First Act Tune (Hornpipe)
19. Jigg
Henry Purcell
The Gordian Knot Unty'd. Incidental Music (Z 597)
20. Overture
21. First Act Tune (Aire)
22. Second Act Tune (Rondeau Minuett)
23. Third Act Tune (Aire)
24. First Music (Chaconne)
25. Minuett
26. Second Music (Aire)
27. Fourth Act Tune (Jigg)
Henry Purcell
Distressed innocence, or The Princess of Persia. Incidental Music (Z 577)
28. Overture
29. First Act Tune (Aire)
30. Second Act Tune
31. Third Act Tune (Aire)
32. Fourth Act Tune (Hornpipe)
33. First Music (Rondeau)
34. Second Music (Aire)
35. Minuett
Henry Purcell
Bonduca, or The british heroine. Incidental Music (Z 574)
36. Hornpipe
37. Aire
38. Aire