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Concert Waltz No. 1 Op. 47

Alexander Glazunov

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Performers Vladimir Fedoseyev (Conductor)
Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra / Ensemble)

Composers Alexander Glazunov
* 10/8/1865, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
† 21/3/1936, Parigi, France

Date of recording September 1992


Symphonic Waltzes From Russia. Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Fedoseyev

Vladimir Fedoseyev, Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra

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Record Label Musica classic / CD 780005-2

Year of production 1992

Aram Iljitsch Khachaturian
(extract:) Masquerade. Orchestral Suite From Incidental Music Of The Same Name (Op.48a)
1. 1. Walzer
Alexander Glazunov
Concert Waltz No. 1 For Orchestra In D Major (Op.47)
Pjotr Iljitsch Tchaikovsky
(extract:) Yevgény Onégin. Opera In 3 Acts (Op.24)
Michail Iwanowitsch Glinka
(extract:) A Life For The Tsar. Opera In 4 Acts With An Epilogue
Pjotr Iljitsch Tchaikovsky
(extract:) Serenade For String Orchestra In C Major (Op.48)
Michail Iwanowitsch Glinka
Valse-Fantasie For Orchestra In B Minor
6. Walzer-Fantasie
Sergej Prokofiev
(extract:) Pushkiniana. 2 Pushkin Waltzes For Orchestra (Op.120)
7. 2. Allegro meditativo
Sergej Prokofiev
(extract:) War And Peace. Opera In 3 Acts (Op.91)
8. Walzer
Pirogov (Film)
9. 3. Walzer
Georgy Vasilevich Sviridov
The Tempest. Waltz For Orchestra
10. The Tempest