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Adagio In G Minor

Tomaso Albinoni

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Performers London Chamber Orchestra (Orchestra / Ensemble)
Christopher Warren-Green (Conductor)
Jonathan Williams (Soloist, Violoncello)

Composers Tomaso Albinoni
* 14/6/1671, Venezia, Veneto, Italy
† 17/1/1751, Venezia, Veneto, Italy

Date of recording at about 1997


Welcome to Sarajevo


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Record Label EMI (dist.) Soundtracks / 7243 4 93014 2 9

Year of production 1997

Welcome to Sarajevo (Film)
1. The way young lovers do - Van Morrison
2. I wanna be adored - Stone Roses
3. Shine on - House Of Love
4. Don't worry be happy - Bobby McFerrin
5. Emira - London Chamber Orchestra
6. Donovan - Happy Mondays
7. It's a bad world - Teenage Fanclub
8. Mor - Blur
Tomaso Albinoni
Adagio For Strings And Organ In G Minor (Talbot Mi 26)
Arrangement For Cello And Orchestra
Welcome to Sarajevo (Film)
Welcome to Sarajevo (Film)
10. End titles - Massive Attack
11. Kad ja podjoh za bembasu - J. Dado Jehan