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Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

Schola Cantorum Basiliensis

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The Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (SCB) is a music academy and research institution located in Basel, Switzerland, that focuses on early music and historically informed performance.


Paul Sacher founded the school in 1933. Influential faculty included August Wenzinger (cello and viola da gamba), Ina Lohr (violin), and Max Meili (vocal music). In 1954 the Schola merged with two other Basel music schools to form the City of Basel Music Academy.


Among the school's other notable faculty members, past and present, are musicians from many countries. By nationality, they include:

  • Australia: keyboardist and conductor Geoffrey Lancaster
  • Belgium: countertenor and conductor René Jacobs
  • England: lutenist and ensemble leader Anthony Rooley; soprano Evelyn Tubb; viola da gamba player Alison Crum
  • France: cellist and conductor Christophe Coin; flautist Marc Hantaï; conductor Dominique Vellard
  • Germany: flautist/recorder player and conductor Hans-Martin Linde; countertenor Andreas Scholl; tenor Gerd Türk
  • Italy: organist Lorenzo Ghielmi, organist, harpsichordist and conductor Andrea Marcon; viola da gambist Paolo Pandolfo
  • Netherlands: harpsichordist, organist and conductor Gustav Leonhardt; violinist Jaap Schröder; sackbuttist Charles Toet.
  • Spain: viola da gamba player and conductor Jordi Savall
  • Switzerland: violinist and conductor Chiara Banchini; violist da gamba and cellist Hannelore Mueller; baritone Kurt Widmer
  • United States of America: bassoonist Donna Agrell, lutenists Hopkinson Smith and Crawford Young; cornettist Bruce Dickey; and trumpeter Edward H. Tarr.


Notable alumni have included such leading historically informed musicians as Gustav Leonhardt, Jordi Savall, Barbara Thornton, Christina Pluhar, Elam Rotem, and Benjamin Bagby.


Lutenists who have studied at the Schola include:

  • Robert Barto (b. USA; studied with Eugen Müller-Dombois)
  • Luciano Contini (b. Italy; studied with Eugen Müller-Dombois and Hopkinson Smith)
  • Eduardo Egüez (b. Argentina; studied with Hopkinson Smith)
  • Paul O'Dette (b. USA; studied with Eugen Müller-Dombois and Thomas Binkley)
  • Toyohiko Satoh (b. Japan; studied with Eugen Müller-Dombois)
  • Edin Karamazov (b. Bosnia-Herzogovina; studied with Hopkinson Smith)
  • Marc Lewon (b. Germany, studied with Crawford Young)
  • Rolf Lislevand (b. Norway; studied with Eugen Müller-Dombois and Hopkinson Smith)
  • Evangelina Mascardi (b. Argentina; studied with Hopkinson Smith)
  • Rafael Benatar (b. Venezuela; studied with Eugen Müller-Dombois and Hopkinson Smith)

Faculty at the school have organized performing ensembles that have made notable recordings of early music. One of the more popular of these is the 1994 album Chill to the Chant.

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