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Deichkind (German pronunciation: [daçknt], literally 'Dyke Child') is a Hip-Hop / Electro band formed in Hamburg, Germany in 1997. Deichkind's characteristic lyrics typically consist of irony and humor. In 2005, Deichkind represented Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in the Bundesvision Song Contest, finishing 14th of the 16 entries. The band's single Electric Super Dance Band marked a noted change in their sound. Their recent appearances (mostly at House and Electro clubs) display this change noted by fast, electronic rhythms. The band describes their new sound as TechRap, a mixture of techno and rap. Deichkind is very well known for its crazy and wild live shows including rubbish bag-outfits, trampolines, vodka, and pillow fights among other things.

The death of producer and friend Sebi Hackert on 21 February 2009 caused a major shock to the band.



  • Bitte ziehen Sie durch (2000; Hotbox please, lit. Please pull through)
  • Noch 5 Minuten, Mutti! (2002; Another 5 minutes, mommy!)
  • Aufstand im Schlaraffenland (2006; Revolt in Cockaigne)
  • Arbeit Nervt (17 October 2008; Work sucks, lit. Work is annoying)
  • Befehl von ganz unten (10 February 2012; Order From Down Low as opposed to On High, lit. Command from the very bottom)


  • Kabeljau Inferno (2000; Cod inferno)
  • Bon Voyage (feat. Nina) (2000)
  • Komm schon (2000; Come on)
  • Weit weg (feat. Bintia) (2000; Far away)
  • Limit - including Remixes of Boris Dlugosch and Johannes Heil (2002)
  • Pferd im Stall (2002; Horse in the stable)
  • Electric Super Dance Band (2005)
  • Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah) (2006; Riot and Ruckus)
  • Ich betäube mich (feat. Sarah Walker) (2006; I sedate myself)
  • Arbeit nervt (2008; Work sucks, lit. Work is annoying)
  • Luftbahn (2009; airway)
  • Bück dich hoch (2012; Bend up. A German portmanteau of "bück dich" (bend over) and "schlaf dich hoch" (sleeping your way up to the top).)
  • Leider geil (2012; Unfortunately Awesome)
  • Der Mond (2012; The Moon)


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