Greg Cohen

born on 13/7/1953 in Los Angeles, CA, United States

Greg Cohen

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Greg Cohen (born July 13, 1953) is an American jazz bassist. Best known for his work with John Zorn's Masada quartet; more recently he has been touring with Ornette Coleman, and performed on Coleman's much-praised Sound Grammar album. Cohen has also often played traditional jazz, including work with Ken Peplowski, Kenny Davern, Marty Grosz and the filmmaker/clarinettist Woody Allen. He has worked with many musicians, including Tom Waits, David Byrne, and Elvis Costello.

Cohen's bass playing credits include work with artists such as Dagmar Krause, David Sanborn, Susana Baca, Gal Costa, Marisa Monte, Laurie Anderson, Willie Nelson, Bill Frisell, Norah Jones, Dave Douglas, Tricky, Jesse Harris, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts, Joey Baron, Donovan, Crystal Gayle, Bob Dylan, Nina Nastasia, Alan Watts, Lee Konitz, Richie Havens, Dino Saluzzi, Lou Reed, Marianne Faithfull, Odetta, Vesna Pisarović, Danny Barker, Tim Sparks, and Antony and the Johnsons.

In August/September 2006 he was musical director of the Century of Song series at the German arts festival, RuhrTriennale. He invited songwriters and performers such as David Byrne, Holly Cole and Laurie Anderson.

He has been a regular member of Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band, which used to play every Monday evening at Manhattan's Carlyle Hotel. He appears in the documentary film Wild Man Blues (directed by Barbara Kopple), which documents a 1996 European tour by Allen and his band. Cohen appears in Robert Altman's 1993 film Short Cuts.[1]

Cohen is a bass professor and the head of string department at the Jazz Institute Berlin.[2] and honorary professor in contemporary rhythmic music at SDMK - Danish National Academy of Music.[3] He has been a resident of Summit, New Jersey.[4]


As leader

  • Way Low (DIW, 1998)
  • Moment to Moment (DIW, 1998)
  • Golden State (Relative Pitch, 2014)[5]

As sideman

With Laurie Anderson

  • Bright Red (Warner Bros., 1994)
  • Life on a String (Elektra Nonesuch, 2001)

With Fiona Apple

  • When the Pawn… (Epic/Work, 1999)

With Cyro Baptista

  • Vira Loucos (Avant, 1997)

With Steve Beresford

  • Signals for Tea (Avant, 1995)

With David Byrne

  • Look into the Eyeball (Virgin, 2001)

With Anthony Coleman

  • Sephardic Tinge (Tzadik, 1995)

With Kenny Davern and Ken Peplowski

With Dave Douglas

  • Charms of the Night Sky (Winter & Winter, 1997)
  • A Thousand Evenings (RCA, 2000)
  • El Trilogy (BMG, 2001)

With Marianne Faithfull

  • Easy Come, Easy Go (Naive, 2008)

With Mark Feldman

With Joe Jackson

  • Fast Forward (Caroline, 2015)

With Madeleine Peyroux

  • Dreamland (Atlantic, 1996)

With Marc Ribot

  • Shoe String Symphonettes (Tzadik, 1997)

With Jamie Saft

  • Trouble: The Jamie Saft Trio Plays Bob Dylan (Tzadik, 2006)

With Julian Siegel

  • Live at the Vortex (Basho Records, 2008)

With Tim Sparks

  • At the Rebbe's Table (Tzadik, 2002)
  • Little Princess (Tzadik, 2009)

With Loudon Wainwright III

  • Social Studies (Hannibal, 1999)

With Tom Waits

  • Heartattack and Vine (Asylum, 1980)
  • One from the Heart (CBS, 1982)
  • Swordfishtrombones (Island, 1983)
  • Rain Dogs (Island, 1985)
  • Franks Wild Years (Island, 1987)
  • Big Time (Island, 1988)
  • The Black Rider (Island, 1993)
  • Mule Variations (Anti, 1999)
  • Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (Anti, 2006)

With John Zorn

  • Masada: Alef (1994; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Beit (1994; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Gimel (1994; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Dalet (1994; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Hei (1995; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Vav (1995; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Zayin (1996; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Het (1996; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Tet (1997; DIW) with Masada
  • Masada: Yod (1997; DIW) with Masada
  • Bar Kokhba (1994–96; Tzadik) with Bar Kokhba
  • The Circle Maker (1998; Tzadik) with Bar Kokhba and Masada String Trio
  • First Live 1993 (2002; Tzadik) with Masada
  • Live in Jerusalem 1994 (1997; Tzadik) with Masada
  • Live in Taipei 1995 (1997; Tzadik) with Masada
  • Live in Middleheim 1999 (1999; Tzadik) with Masada
  • Live in Sevilla 2000 (2000; Tzadik) with Masada
  • Live at Tonic 2001 (2001; Tzadik) with Masada
  • The Unknown Masada (Tzadik, 2003)
  • Filmworks XI: Secret Lives (Tzadik, 2002) with Masada String Trio
  • 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 1 (Tzadik, 2003) with Masada String Trio
  • 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 7 (Tzadik, 2003) with Masada
  • 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 11 (Tzadik, 2003) with Masada String Trio
  • Astaroth: Book of Angels Volume 1 (Tzadik, 2004) with the Jamie Saft Trio
  • Sanhedrin 1994–1997 (Tzadik, 2005) with Masada
  • Azazel: Book of Angels Volume 2 (Tzadik, 2005) with Masada String Trio
  • Lucifer: Book of Angels Volume 10 (Tzadik, 2008) with Bar Kokhba
  • Stolas: Book of Angels Volume 12 (Tzadik, 2009) with Masada Quintet
  • Filmworks XX: Sholem Aleichem (Tzadik, 2008)
  • Alhambra Love Songs (Tzadik, 2009)
  • Baal: Book of Angels Volume 15 (Tzadik, 2010) with Ben Goldberg Quartet
  • Haborym: Book of Angels Volume 16 (Tzadik, 2010) with Masada String Trio
  • In Search of the Miraculous (Tzadik, 2010)

As arranger

With James Carter

  • Gardenias for Lady Day (Columbia, 2003)


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