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born on 15/6/1951

Joe Pizzulo

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Joe Pizzulo

Joe Pizzulo is best known as one of the lead singers for Sérgio Mendes in the 1980s. He had hit singles with "Never Gonna Let You Go"[1] (from Mendes' self-titled 1983 album) and "Alibis" (from the 1984 album Confetti). Pizzulo has had several singles and soundtrack appearances, but he is also a prominent background singer for many artists.

Joe Pizzulo started his music career with a band called Roadshow in 1969 after attending Ursuline High School in Youngstown, Ohio. His singing partners in that band were Buddy Cattafa and Debbie Komara. Later, he became a member of Brainchild. He eventually moved to California in 1974 and started a new band called White Licorice. By the time 1979 came around he was touring with Alice Cooper as a background singer. His career quickly took off after that with his recording of "Never Gonna Let You Go" for Sérgio Mendes.



His albums include (known album appearances are in parentheses):

All the Best

All the Best
Studio album by Joe Pizzulo
Released 2005
Recorded 2004
Genre Pop, adult contemporary
Label Warner

All the Best - by Joe Pizzulo (re-recordings of his best known songs were re-done by Pizzulo himself). Pizzulo's voice tracks were done in the US but the mixing and re-arranging was done in the Philippines through Alkemi Productions and Frederick Garcia, with recording artist, Nina. Along with the members of the Passage band, these songs were reproduced late 2005. During his stay in the Philippines, he had a concert along with Teri DeSario, Nina and Passage.

  1. "I'm Never Gonna Give You Up" (duet with Nina)
  2. "What do We Mean to Each Other" (duet with Lisa Bevill )
  3. "Take This Love"
  4. "Let's Give a Little More This Time"
  5. "Never Gonna Let You Go" (duet with Kate Yanai)
  6. "What do We Mean to Each Other" (non-duet version)
  7. "Rainbow's End"
  8. "The Prayer" (duet with his daughter)
  9. "Where are the Stars"
  10. "Somewhere in Time"

Memories of Love: Live

Memories of Love: Live - by Joe Pizzulo, Lou Pardini and Kevyn Lettau.

  1. "Let's Give a Little More This Time"
  2. "Take This Love"
  3. "What do We Mean to Each Other" (duet with Kevyn Lettau)
  4. "Never Gonna Let You Go" (duet with Kevyn Lettau)
  5. "Yesterday" (duet with Lou Pardini)
  6. "I'm Better at Hello" (duet with Kevyn Lettau)


Soundtrack appearances

  • Hero & The Terror - Original Soundtrack by David Michael Frank
  • Over the Top - Original Soundtrack
  • Scarface - Original Soundtrack
  • Prince of Egypt - Original Soundtrack
  • Little Shop of Horrors - Original Film Soundtrack
  • Disney's Dinosaurs' (Big Songs)
  • Scooby-Doo and the Witch's Ghost
  • Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders

Background singer and album appearances

Artists that Joe Pizzulo has been a background singer for. His album appearances are in parentheses.

  • Giorgio Moroder Project (To Be Number One)
  • Sérgio Mendes (on his Brasileiro, Oceano, Confetti, Brasil '86 and Self Titled albums)
  • Barry Manilow (Swing Street)
  • Eddie Money (Nothing to Lose and Can't Hold Back)
  • Eros Ramazzotti (Tutte Storie)
  • David Lee Roth (Skyscraper)
  • Janet Jackson (Dream Street)
  • Irene Cara (What a Feelin')
  • Laura Branigan (Self Control and Branigan 2)
  • Wang Chung (Mosaic and Warmer Side of Cool)
  • Barbra Streisand (Till I Loved You)
  • Paul Young (Other Voices)
  • Kenny Loggins (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow)
  • Petra (Wake-Up Call)
  • Rocket from the Crypt (Scream, Dracula, Scream!)
  • Dorival Caymmi (Brazilian Serenata)
  • Gary Wright (Who I Am)
  • Patti LaBelle (Be Yourself)
  • Alice Cooper (Flush the Fashion)
  • New Monkees (Self Titled)
  • Sam Kinison (Leader of the Banned)
  • Gloria Loring (Turn the Page)
  • The Allman Brothers Band (Brothers of the Road)
  • Donna Summer (All Systems Go)
  • Looney Tunes (Bugs and Friends Sing the Beatles and Looney Tunes Kwazy Christmas)
  • Freedom Williams (Freedom)
  • Winnie the Pooh (Take My Hand: Songs from the 100 Acre Wood)
  • Martha Davis (of Motels fame) (Policy)
  • Tom Saviano (Making Up Lost Time)
  • Jennifer Rush (Heart Over Mind)
  • Robbie Patton (No Problem)
  • Gregg Rolie (Gringo)
  • Eric Martin (I'm Only Fooling Myself)
  • Sincerely... Mariya Takeuchi Songbook - Various Artists (he sings a duet with Marilyn Martin)
  • Red 7 (When the Sun Goes Down)
  • New Frontier (Self Titled)
  • David Hallyday (True Cool and Rock 'N' Heart)
  • and (formerly known as P.S. I Love You) - lead singer for most of their musical greetings
  • Sounds of Pisces (Aquarium Vol. 1)
  • Anne Murray (Harmony)

Pizzulo has also worked with Heart, Spandau Ballet, Burt Bacharach, Gladys Knight, Kenny Rankin, Dionne Warwick, Roger Daltrey, Engelbert Humperdinck, Melissa Manchester, Bette Midler, Graham Nash, and many other music artists.

Hit singles

  • "Let's Give a Little More This Time"
  • "Take This Love"
  • "What Do We Mean to Each Other"
  • "Never Gonna Let You Go"
  • "Rainbow's End"
  • "Alibis"


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  • Joe Pizzulo biography on Brainchild website
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