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Robin Pecknold

Robin Noel Pecknold (born March 30, 1986) is an American singer, guitarist and principal songwriter for the band Fleet Foxes.[1]


Robin Pecknold was born in Seattle in 1986. He is said to have written his first song at the age of 14. The song is called "Sarah Jane" and tells the story of a runaway who turns to prostitution.[2][3] Pecknold released the song along with six others as a demo CD called St. Vincent Street around his hometown as Robin Noel Vaas. Later, the music of Bob Dylan would become Pecknold's primary influence.

Pecknold formed Fleet Foxes in 2006 with Skye Skjelset. He knew Skjelset from school, where they already played original music together. He reportedly ran up considerable debt setting up the band.

Besides his work with Fleet Foxes, Pecknold goes under the moniker White Antelope for solo output. Also, he has started a band with sister Aja, called Rainbow Fang, and has worked with Past Lives' Morgan Henderson on "film score-type music".[4]


Pecknold plays a Martin D-18 six-string guitar for most Fleet Foxes work. He also uses a Martin D12-35 12 string and a Gibson CF-100 6 String. Both of these guitars date back to the 1960s.[5] He has also been known to use a recent Epiphone Casino electric guitar, and a Fylde Oberon acoustic guitar.

Personal life

He has an older brother, Sean, and an older sister, Aja. His brother is a director and the founder of Sean has directed five music videos for Fleet Foxes. His grandfather, Bob Valaas, is Norwegian. Pecknold comes from a musical background; his father played in the Seattle-based soul band The Fathoms in the 1960s and his elder sister, Aja, was a rock critic for magazine Seattle Weekly and is the band's manager.[6]

He has said he experiences social anxiety and in 2008 said: "I don't really hang out with anyone. I'll hang out with my band, because I love them, but I don't have any friends aside from that."[7]

In 2009, he stated that he discovered virtually all of the music he listened to by using online file-sharing program Napster. He also spoke of his support for online file-sharing and the positive effect he believes it to have on music, both as an art form and as an industry.[8][9] Pecknold is a vegan.[2]

In November 2013 Fleet Foxes-member Morgan Henderson mentioned that Pecknold had relocated to New York City where he is enrolled as a student at Columbia University.[10][11]


With Fleet Foxes

  • Fleet Foxes (EP) (2006)
  • Sun Giant (2008)
  • Fleet Foxes (2008)
  • Helplessness Blues (2011)

As White Antelope

  • False Knight on The Road (2009)[12]

As Robin Pecknold

  • Three Songs (2011)


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