born on 20/4/1981 in Paris, Île-de-France, France

Alias Youssef Soukouna


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Youssef Soukouna (born 20 April 1981 in Goutte d'Or, Paris), better known by his stage name Sefyu (French pronunciation: [sfju], his first name in verlan), is a French rapper of Senegalese descent. He comes from Aulnay-sous-Bois (Cité des Emmaüs), a city in the French department of Seine-Saint-Denis (Northern suburbs of Paris). Sefyu originally aspired to become a professional soccer player, but his dream was derailed after he sustained an injury. He emerged on the hip-hop scene in the early 2000s.


Sefyu played for a long time as a left-winger in football. He trained with Arsenal.

A member of the crews NCC (Natural Court Circuit Natural Short Circuit) and G-Huit, he started his ascent to fame by rapping with Rohff on his album La Fierté des nôtres, released in June 2004.

He has worked with a vast array of French rappers, including Moystaff du Bengale, Nemesis, Ritmo, La K-Bine crew, Passi, Sniper, Daddy Lord C. He performed publicly in 2001 at the Francofolies de la Rochelle.

In 2005, he released a « street CD » entitled « Molotov 4 », produced by Kore et Skalp. In April 2006, Sefyu released his first album, Qui Suis-je ? (Who Am I ?). Sefyus style his characterised by a few features: a deep, husky voice, and a range of unique phrases (Crrr!, an onomatopoeia imitating the sound of a gun being cocked; Crouille, French slang for riffraff; undercover... ). Some of his songs belong to the hardcore hip-hop genre (i.e.: La vie qui va avec), whereas some others are inspired by RnB music (i.e.: Un point cest tout).

His 2007 song Lettre du Front (Letter from the Frontline) was released on Rnb singer Kenza Farahs album.

On May 12, 2008, Sefyu released his second album, « Suis-je le gardien de mon frère? » (Am I my brothers keeper ?). Before its release, Sefyu made a few acclaimed singles (Mon Public, Molotov 4, Au pays du zahef) which contributed to the albums commercial success: according to Planète Rap Magazine, 106,453 copies of Sefyus second album were sold in France in 2008.[1] On March 1, 2009, Sefyu won the Victoire de la Musique Award, in the category Revelation of the year .

Sefyu seldom shows his face, and often hides it by wearing a hoody, by hiding it with his fist, a ski mask, or his fitted hat. The reason for this is twofold: as an homage to the "caillera style", and another, more personal reason: his father did not want him to become a rapper, and by not showing his face he shows deference to his father.


Albums 2005 : Molotov 4 2006 : Qui suis-je ? 2008 : Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ?'


2001 Sefyu - "La lutte libère" on "Sachons dire NON Vol.1" La K-Bine Feat Sefyu - "Des hommes en kolère" on "Le Rap est mort" (By La K-Bine)

2002 Gentlemen Feat Sefyu - "Vision 200" on The Gentlemen's album, "Mortelle Saint-Valentin"

2003 Sefyu Feat Rohff, Zesau & Dry - "Baiser" on "Talents fâchés Vol.1" La K-Bine Feat Sefyu - "Crimes impunis" on La K-Bine's album, "Rapport de force"

2004 Rohff Feat Sefyu, Alibi Montana & Kamel L'ancien - "Code 187" on Rohff's album, "La fierté des nôtres" Sefyu - "Flow du Malawi" on "Talents fâchés Vol.2"

2005 Ol' Kainry & Dany Dan Feat Sefyu, Alibi Montana & Nubi - "Crie mon nom Remix" on the street CD of the same name K.ommando Toxic Feat Sefyu - "Pucc fiction Remix" on K.ommando Toxic' album, "Retour vers le futur" Seth Gueko Feat Sefyu - "Patate de forain" on Seth Gueko's street CD, "Barillet plein" Sefyu - "Interlude explicit" on "De la poudre au Rap" Samat Feat Sefyu, Larsen & Alibi Montana - "Ghetto guerrier" on Samat's mixtape, "Samat Feat Hip Hop de rue" Mic Fury Feat Sefyu & Alonzo - "Street zoologie" on Mic Fury's album, "Au bout du tunnel" Sefyu Feat Kuamen - "On vit comme on peut" on "Patrimoine du ghetto" Gentlemen Feat NCC - "Sourire de la haine" on The Gentlemen's mixtape, "Cobra"

2006 Sefyu Feat RR & A.P. - "On va te douiller" on "Illegal radio Alibi "

2007 Aketo Feat Sefyu, Tunisiano & Six Coups Mc - "Style certifié" on Aketo's street CD, "Cracheur 2 venin" Rim'K Feat Sefyu - "Parloir fantôme" on Rim'K's album, "Famille nombreuse" Kenzah Farah Feat Sefyu - "Lettre du front" on Kenza's album, "Authentik" Alibi Montana Feat Sefyu&LIM - "Honneur aux ghettos"

2008 Participated in Urban Peace 2, a hip-hop concert in 2008

2009 La Fouine Feat Sefyu & Soprano - "Ça fait mal Remix" Sefyu Feat RR - "L'il du ghetto" on "Les yeux dans la banlieue Vol.2"


2009 : Artiste ou révélation du public aux Victoires de la musique avec son album « Suis-je le gardien de mon frère ? ».


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