Louis Chedid

Louis Chedid

born on 1/1/1948 in Ismaïlia, Egypt

Louis Chedid

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Louis Chedid

Louis Chedid (born 1 January 1948, in Ismaïlia) is a French singer-songwriter of Lebanese origin.


Louis Chedid is the son of the writer Andrée Chedid and the father of Matthieu Chedid (better known as -M-).

As a child he made his first footsteps into the singing world as a member of the "Manécanterie des Petits Chanteurs à la Croix de Bois", a famous French catholic boys choir.

Chedid was a fan of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt and decided that he would set forth into a career in the world of music as soon as he left school. After his first album "Balbutiements" (Mumblings 1973) attracted little attention, his talent was first recognised after the release of titles like "La Belle" and "T'as beau pas être beau" released in 1977.

In 1981, "Ainsi soit-il" (Amen) rose to the top of the charts, followed four years later by "Anne ma sur Anne" (My sister Anne) which criticised the increasing popularity of the extreme-right in France. His first, autobiographical novel 40 Berges Blues was published in 1992.

Chedid is also the composer of Pierre-Dominique Burgaud's "Le Soldat Rose" (The Pink Soldier, 2006), a fairytale musical whose songs have been interpreted by singers including -M-, Vanessa Paradis, Jeanne Cherhal, Francis Cabrel, Alain Souchon and Bénabar.

His latest solo album, "Un Ange Passe", was released in 2004.



  • Balbutiements (1973)
  • Nous sommes des clowns (1974)
  • Hold Up! (1974)
  • Le jeu de l'oie (1975)
  • Ver de terre (1976)
  • Egomane (1980)
  • Ainsi Soit-il (1981)
  • Panique Organisée (1983)
  • Anne, ma sur Anne (1985)
  • Bizar (1987)
  • Zap-Zap (1989)
  • Ces mots sont pour toi (1992)
  • Entre nous (1994)
  • Répondez moi (1997)
Year Album Peak positions
2001 Boucbelair 58
2003 Botanique et vieilles charrues 71 21
2004 Un ange passe 41 34
2006 Le soldat rose
2010 On ne dit jamais assez aux gens qu'on aime qu'on les aime 7 18
2013 Deux fois l'infini 75 83

Promotional singles

  • "Miss Melissa" (1974)
  • "Je chante sous les transistors" (1977)
  • "La Belle" / "Chapeau de paille" (1977)
  • "T'as beau pas être beau" / "L'Amour S.M.P.M" (1978)
  • "Papillon" / "Dans la rue de Sherbrooke" (1979)


  • Fairytale-Musical "Émilie Jolie" (Philippe Chatel, 1979) : chanson du raton-laveur-rêveur (Song of the dreaming racoon)
  • Duo with his son Matthieu Chedid : Tel père tel fils (like father like son) for Solidays, a French AIDS charity appeal


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