Jack Keller

born on 11/11/1936 in New York City, NY, United States

died on 1/4/2005 in Nashville, TN, United States

Jack Keller (songwriter)

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Jack Keller (November 11, 1936 April 1, 2005) was an American songwriter whose work spans six decades. Recorded and performed by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Loretta Lynn, Ray Charles to The Beatles, Jack Kellers music is woven into the very fabric of popular culture.


Jack started hanging around the Brill Building (the heart of "Tin Pan Alley" in New York City) when he was 17 years old. The first song he ever had recorded, "Just Between You And Me," became a top ten hit for the Chordettes in 1957. The following two years saw many of Jack's songs on the charts. In 1959, he was one of the first songwriters to sign an exclusive contract with Aldon Music, which was formed by Don Kirshner and Al Nevins. Jack began working with and developing a young writing staff that included Carole King, Gerry Goffin, Neil Sedaka, Noel Sherman, and Howard Greenfield.

Between 1960 and 1963, Aldon Music had 54 top ten songs, including Jack's "Everybody's Somebody's Fool," "My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own," "Breaking In A Brand New Broken Heart," "Just For Old Time's Sake," "Venus In Blue Jeans," and "Run To Him." When Aldon was sold to Columbia Pictures (Screen Gems) in 1963, Jack began writing television theme songs which included Bewitched, Gidget, and Hazel.

Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in 1966, Jack became involved in producing and writing for the Monkees. He continued to write hit songs like "Seattle," and "Easy Come Easy Go."

Jack moved to Nashville in 1984 and wrote even more successful songs for Crystal Gayle, Gary Morris, Bill Medley, Jennifer Warnes, Ray Charles, Dianne Schuur, B.B. King, and Grover Washington, Jr.

Jack produced major artists like Neil Sedaka, the Everly Brothers, Sally Field, Tony Orlando, Debbie Boone, Hoyt Axton, and Connie Francis.

(Barry Mann, Jack Keller, Al Nevin, Don Kirshner and Howie Greenfield at the 1962 BMI Awards)

Death , Personal life and Legacy

He died of leukemia at the age of 68. Jack Keller was survived by his wife, Robi Keller and children Mike Keller, Russ Keller, Pari Keller and entertainment attorney, Jordan Keller.


Song Performing Artist Co-Writer Year Notes
(Angie, Love Me) Make The Hurt Go Away Fountain of Youth Diane Hildebrand
(Let The Lovelight In Your Eyes) Lead Me On Steve & Eydie, Petula Clark, Sacha Distel, Tennessee Ernie Ford Ernie Sheldon 1971
(Let's Have a) Private Party Barry Mann Joe Shapiro
(Little Darlin') Take A Bow Four Coins Brooks Arthur
(One Of These Days) Sunday's Gonna Come On Tuesday The New Establishment Ernie Sheldon 1969 Billboard #92
(Wait Till You See) My Gidget Johnny Tillotson, Billy Carr Howard Greenfield 1965 (aka Gidget)
A Face In The Crowd Kenny Karen Gerry Goffin
A Heart Is a Terrible Thing To Waste Cyndea Wendell, John Wendell 1994
A Forever Kind Of Love Bobby Vee, Cliff Richard, Darryl Ford, Mike Redway Gerry Goffin 1962
A Love To Last a Lifetime Barry Mann Noel Sherman 1959
A Man's Not Supposed To Cry Gerry Goffin
A Most Impossible Dream Dwayne Hickman, Barry Mann Hank Hunter
A Woman Is A Sentimental Thing Paul Anka Howard Greenfield 1967
Ain't It Funny What Some Lovin' Can Do Quiet Five Tony Powers 1966
Ain't No Way To Forget The Fire Jay Booker
All The Grey Haired Men The Lettermen, the Monkees (incomplete recording, backing track only) Bob Russell 1968
Alguém é bobo de alguém Zezinha Howard Greenfield 1961 Portuguese (Brazilian) "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
Almost There Andy Williams Gloria Shayne 1964 #2 in the UK, #12 on the AC chart, #67 on Billboard Hot 100
And Now Larry Kolber, Tony Powers
Anyone Else Bobby Vee, Gene McDaniels Brooks Arthur 1963
Apple Bend Johnny Tillotson, Marty Kaniger Diane Hildebrand 1971
Aqui Se Hable En Amor Noel Sherman aka Love Is Spoken Here
Ashes on the Wood James Booker Jr.
Ask Me No Questions Carl Dobkins Jr Hank Hunter
At Last Gene Watson Jay Booker 1991
Äsken särkyi sydämeni Marjatta Leppänen Howard Greenfield, Tuntematon 1961 Finnish "Breakin' in a Brand New Broken Heart"
Autumn Reverie Wendell Tracy
Beach Buggy The Shutdowns Scotty McKay, Kirby St. Romain 1963
Beats There a Heart So True Perry Como Noel Sherman 1958 Billboard #28 (as b-side of Moon Talk)
Beautiful Dreamer Tony Orlando, The Beatles Stephen Foster, Gerry Goffin, 1963
Before We Say Goodnight Poni-Tails Noel Sherman 1960
Between the Lines Jill Preston Williams
Bewitched Steve Lawrence, Peggy Lee, Jack Keller, Earl Klugh, Eduardo Tancredi, Prague Philharmonic, London Theatre Orchestra, Lawrence Welk, Brutal Juice, Hit Crew Howard Greenfield 1964
Bione Rhythm (aka Baion Rhythms) Jimmy Beaumont Gerry Goffin 1961
Birds Do It Rowan & Martin Howard Greenfield 1966
Blabbermouth Hank Hunter
Bless Her Heart James Booker Jr.
Blue's Not a Color Leah Lane, Eric Saxon
Bobby Sox Baby Richard Lynn
Boomerang Tina Robin Carole King
Bound for Glory (El Camino Real) Ed Ames Ernie Sheldon 1971
Boy Gerry Goffin
Bread on the Table Noel Sherman aka Love In Your Heart
Break It to Me Gently Noel Sherman
Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart Connie Francis, the Wilburn Brothers, Howard Greenfield 1961 Billboard #7
Breakin' the Record (For Broken Hearts) Don Huber
Brian Anita Carter Howard Greenfield 1963
Bus That Never Comes Shirley Bassey Sidney Russell
Call Me Crazy Connie Francis Howard Greenfield 1965
Camp Runamuck Homer & Jethro Howard Greenfield 1965 TV Theme
Candy Heart Howard Greenfield
Carefree Barry Mann Joe Shapiro
Cashin' In Connie Francis Hank Hunter
Catch Me If I Fall Larry Kolber, Cindy Mecham
Caught a Touch of Your Love Diane Schuur, Grover Washington, B. B. King, Ray Charles, Meg McKay, Mady Kaye, Beverley Staunton, the Jazz Guardians, Joan Crowe, Danielle Blanchard Craig Bickhart, James Best 1987
Cari Ralph Robinson
Chained to a Promise Larry Kolber
Champagne and Roses Charlie Craig
Chicken John Noto, Gerard Theriault
Chills Tony Orlando, Gerry & the Pacemakers, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, Stool Pigeons, Ferlin Husky, the LeRoys, Bern Elliot & the Fenmen, Fruit Eating Bears, Shakers, the Neatbeats, Ria Bartok 1 Gerry Goffin 1962
Christmas in New York Tony Orlando and Dawn Bob Feldman
Clingin' Vine Hank Hunter
Come Looking for Me Diane Hildebrand Diane Hildebrand 1969
Conga (With A Little Bit of Rock & Roll) Little Eva, Cerrito Carole King, Gerry Goffin 1961
Congratulations Carol Hughes Gerry Goffin 1959
Cry a Little Sometimes Joey Dee and the Starlighters Howard Greenfield
Cry No More Joe Shapiro
Cry on My Shoulder Tonight Johnny Crawford Bill Buchanan 1963
Crystal Ball The Willis Sisters, Annette Funicello Gerry Goffin
Curiosity Gene McDaniels Gerry Goffin 1961
Cute and Collegiate Paul Kaufman
Dancin to Our Song Amber Vicki Amber Di Lina
Dancing in the Streets Noel Sherman
Deal Me Out Noel Sherman
Deep Roots Rusty Draper Gerry Goffin 1962
Desperation Move Jay Booker
Die Liebe ist Seltsames Spiel Connie Francis, Die Jolly Sisters Howard Greenfield, Ralph Maria Siegel German "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
Dimples Larry Kolber
Do You Understand Hank Hunter
Does Goodnight Mean Goodbye? Jane Morgan, Dodie Stevens, Vincent Edwards Howard Greenfield, Gerry Goffin 1963
Don't Ask Me to Be Friends Everly Brothers, Cliff Richard, Merseybeats, Rocking Stars, Bedsit Poets, Teddy Thompson, Kieran Goss Gerry Goffin 1962 Billboard #48
Dont Know Whats Coming Tomorrow Paul Vance
Dont Let Him Say Goodbye Laura Vida Laura Vida
Don't Make Me Live Without You Gerry Goffin
Don't Read the Letter I Wrote You Patti Page Howard Greenfield 1961 Billboard #65
Don't Try to Fight It, Baby Eydie Gorme, the Youngsters, Jumping Jewels Gerry Goffin 1963 Billboard #53
Donna Reed Show Theme Howard Greenfield
Down the Road of Love Hank Hunter
Dream On Little Fool Hank Hunter
Early Morning Blues and Greens The Monkees, Diane Hildebrand, Sue Raney, Jack Keller Diane Hildebrand 1967
Easy Come Easy Go Bobby Sherman, Mama Cass, Steve Lawrence, Johnny Hartman, Marty Kaniger, Robby Snowden Diane Hildebrand 1970 Billboard #9
Empty Martine Dalton Tony Powers
Eternity Buddy Greco Howard Greenfield 1966
Everybody Loves a Guy Named Johnny Cardigan Brothers Mike Anthony
Everybody Needs a Fantasy Laura Vida
Everybody's Somebody's Fool Connie Francis, Kitty Wells, Bobby Vee, Loretta Lynn, Lynn Anderson, Pat Boone, Debby Boone, Ernest Tubb, Ted Daigle, Clyde McPhatter, Marie Osmond, Billy Vaughn, Lawrence Welk, Gamma Goochee, Red Garland, Dexter Gordon. Yeda Maria 6 Howard Greenfield 1960 Billboard #1
Fall Guy Noel Sherman
Fallen Angel Flying High Dann Rogers Don Huber, Dann Rogers 1986
Fantastico Perggy Lee, Nat King Cole, H Ortega Noel Sherman 1959
Find Yourself a Rainbow Sally Field Howard Greenfield 1968
Finders Keepers Judy Stone Larry Kolber 1962
Foolproof Joe Shapiro
For All the Wrong Reasons Ronnie McDowell Austin Roberts, Peter Udell
Forgotten Dreams Gerry Goffin 2
Forty-Nine Broken Hearts Richard Rapp, Jack Weiner
Funny Thing About Time Guy Mitchell Howard Greenfield
Geh' Zu Ihm Ivo Robic Gerry Goffin, Schwabach German "Run To Him"
Get Out of My Life Dee Dee Warwick Paul Vance 1975
Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys The Cookies Gerry Goffin 1964 Billboard #33
Girls Were Made for Boys Bobby Roy and the Chord-a-Roys Bob Barravecchia Noel Sherman
Give It Up Joe Shapiro
Give Me Your Lips Noel Sherman
Go Fight for Her The Astronauts Larry Kolber
Go Fight Your Heart Paul Kaufman
Good Morning Love Charlene John Carter 1971
Gotta Have Your Love The Sapphires Tony Powers 1965 Billboard #77
Happy Birthday (Wherever You Are) Baby Jane Larry Kolber
Happy to Be Me Noel Sherman
Have a Nice Weekend McGuire Sisters Noel Sherman 1959
Hazel Jack Keller Howard Greefield, Helen Miller theme from TV show
He Who Laughs Last Freda Payne Carole King 1962
He's Got My Sympathy The Everly Brothers, Gene McDaniels, Ray Adams Gerry Goffin 1961
Heart Is a Terrible Thing to Waste Cyndea Wendell, John Wendell
Heartache Named Johnny Jaye P Morgan Howard Greenfield 1962
Hey Boy lass doch den Whisky Manuela Gerry Goffin, Georg Buschor, Blecher 1963 German "Don't Try to Fight It Baby"
High School Girl Younger Brothers Howard Greenfield
Hitch Hikin' Romeos Larry Kolber 1962
Hits in Heaven Gerry Goffin, Artie Kaplan
Hold On Girl (Help Is on The Way) The Monkees Ben Raleigh, Billy Carr 1967
Honky Tonk Lover Chris Campbell Bob Feldman, JA Whitmore
Horse'n'Dog'n'Me Gerard Theriault
How Can I Meet Her Everly Brothers Gerry Goffin 1962 Billboard #75
How Did We Let Love Slip By Laura Vida
How Long Don Huber
How Many Heartaches Noel Sherman
Huckleberry Moon Larry Kolber
Hula Hoppin' Idalia Boyd Carole King, Gerry Goffin
I Ain't Never Gonna Do You No Stephen Clark, Wendell Tracy
I Always Come Back to You Donna Hicks
I Always Knew I'd End Up Cryin' Larry Kolber
I Believe in the Feelin Janet McMahan Wilson, Harvey Wilson
I Built My World Around a Dream Damita Jo, Jackie Lee & the Raindrops Gerry Goffin 1962
I Can Make You Happy Laura Vida Laura Vida
I Can't Hold Back the Tears Rita Pavone Paul Kaufman, Artie Kornfeld, Steve Rossi
I Can't Sit Down Marie & Rex Noel Sherman 1959
I Cry Like a Baby Bob Beckman Larry Kolber
I Dig Hank Hunter
I Don't Deserve a Boy Like You Barbara English, Chiffons Larry Kolber 1964
I Don't Know You Anymore Bobby Goldsboro Howard Greenfield 1964
I Gave You a Rose Hank Hunter
I Gotta Be Sure Robin Clark Larry Kolber
I Gotta Find Her Howard Greenfield
I Just Got the Message Noel Sherman
I Know I'll Love You More Tomorrow Larry Kolber
I Know That's How It'll Be Cathy Carroll Larry Kolber
I Like This Kind of Party Louis Armstrong Tony Powers 1965
I Miss My Surfer Boy Too The Westwoods Guy Hemric, Jerry Howard Steiner 1965
I Only Live for Your Love Jimmy Mitchell Joe Shapiro
I Think Its Gonna Rain Howard Greenfield
I Was a Fool for Leaving You William Altvater, Carol Coutras Johnson
I Wish I'd Never Been Born Patti Page Howard Greenfield 1960 Billboard #62
I'll Build a Bridge The New Establishment Ernie Sheldon 1969
Ill Be Everything Youll Ever Laura Vida
Ill Be There Larry Kolber, Cindy Mechem
Ill Cry You Out of My Heart Howard Greenfield
I'll Exit Crying Larry Kolber
I'll Love You the Best Larry Kolber
I'm Broke Frankie Avalon Joe Shapiro 1959 (Billboard #1 as B-side of "Venus")
Im Not Afraid Floyd and Jerry Diane Hildebrand
I'm on My Way Back Home The Partridge Family Bobby Hart 1969
I've Got a Lot of Things to Do Johnny Burnette Hank Hunter 1961
I've Got My Pride Jack Jones Gerry Goffin
I've Got Nothing Left Tina Robin Carole King
Ich Such 'nen Treuen Mann Lil Malmkvist Gerry Goffin, Jean Nicolas 1963 German "Let's Turkey Trot"
If and When Gogi Grant Noel Sherman 1959
If I Didn't Love You So Much Babs Tino Gerry Goffin 1961
If I Don't Find You There The New Establishment Ernie Sheldon 1969
If I Ever Get to Saginaw Again The Monkees, Leapy Lee, Tony Crane, Ed Ames, Davy Jones Bob Russell 1968/88
Il N'y A Rien à Faire Margot Lefèbvre Gerry Goffin, Brien 1964 French "Don't Try to Fight It, Baby"
Intimate Noel Sherman
Invitation to the Blues Hank Hunter
It Hurts Me Hank Hunter
Itll Break Your Heart Paula Wayne Sidney Russell
It's a Brand New Term (But I've Got The Same Old Heartache) Billy Simms Larry Kolber
Its So Easy to Say Johnny Nash Noel Sherman
Its Unbearable Dorothy Jones Gerry Goffin 1961
It's Xmas for Christ's Sake Bob Feldman, Jason Whitmore
Jamie Boy Jane Morgan Ralph Freed
Jimmy verzeih' mir noch einmal Siw Malmkvist Howard Greenfield, Carl Ulrich Blecher 1962 German "Don't Read The Letter I Wrote You"
Just Between You and Me The Chordettes Cathy Lee 1957 Billboard #8
Just Couldn't Resist Her (With Her Pocket Transistor) Alma Cogan, Danny Jordan, Hisahiko Ida, the Peanuts Larry Kolber 1960
Just for Old Times Sake McGuire Sisters, Ferlin Husky, Prairie Oyster, Eddy Arnold, Jim Ed Brown, Wilburn Brothers, Rhonda Vincent Hank Hunter 1961 Billboard #20
Just Think of Tonight James Darren Tony Powers 1964
Keep in Touch Noel Sherman
King of the Mountain Howard Greenfield (from film "Winter-a-Go-Go")
Kirjeeni polta kun saat sen Four Cats Howard Greenfield, Puhtila Sauvo Niilo Pellervo 1962 Finnish "Don't Read The Letter"
Kiss Me Goodbye Howard Greenfield
Lass Uns Schnell Vergessen Cliff Richard Gerry Goffin, Olden 1962 German "Don't Ask Me To Be Friends"
Lazy Louise Hank Hunter
Let's Go to the Movies Cardigan Brothers Howard Greenfield
Let's Keep It That Way Gerry Goffin
Le Turkey Trot Rita Pavone Gerry Goffin, Rudi Révil, Georges Aber 1963 French "Let's Turkey Trot"
Let's Turkey Trot Little Eva, Jan and Dean, Dreamlovers, Ian and the Zodiacs, Alpha Zoe, Today's Sounds, Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, Donald Lautrec 7 Gerry Goffin 1963 Billboard #20
Like a Waterfall Hank Hunter
Little by Little The Springfields Larry Kolber 1962
Little Girl Lost Bobby Roy and the Chord-a-Roys, Bob Barravecchia Noel Sherman
Little Hollywood Girl The Crickets, the Everly Brothers, Tommy Roe Gerry Goffin 1962
Locket Larry Kolber
Lonely Tomorrows Tony Orlando Larry Kolber 1961
Look Into My Eyes Howard Greenfield
Love Birds Hank Hunter
Love Is a Two Way Street The Chordettes Noel Sherman 1959
Love Is the Greatest Addiction Clayton Lee Trulove
Love Is Where You Find It Donna Hicks
Love on a Rooftop Howard Greenfield Theme to TV show of the same name
Love Will Keep Us Going The New Establishment Ernie Sheldon 1969
Love Won't Let Me Quit Bill Medley, Crystal Gayle Becky Foster, Austin Roberts 1984
Lover of Love Richard Lynn
Lovey Kravesit The Everly Brothers Howard Greenfield 1966
Lovin or Leavin Michele Vice
Loving Fingers Noel Sherman
Lucky in Love with You Jimmy Clanton Howard Greenfield 1961
Magic Wand Hank Hunter
Makin' with the Magilla Little Eva Tony Powers, Ed Justin 1963
Mama Teach Me to Charleston Little Eva Gerry Goffin 1962
Marty Howard Greenfield
Maybe He'll Come Back To Me Patti Page Larry Kolber
Menolippu Theresa Rosenius, Merja Lehtinen, Nummisuutarit, Satu Pentikäinen, Perälä Piritta, Tukia Virve, Kari Pesonen, Tarja Viljamaa, Vr Sekakuoroliitto Ry:n Kuoro, Katja Halonen, Gary & Granaatit, Hannu Nurmio, Markku Puputti, Tukia Virve, Peter, Vr:n Laulajat, Vangit Menneisyyden, New Strangers Hunter Hank, Puhtila Sauvo Niilo Pellervo 1965 Finnish "One Way Ticket To The Blues"
Mister Future Larry Kolber
Moon Is Green Noel Sherman
Mountain Out of a Molehill Gerry Robinson Larry Duncan
My Baby's a Stranger Tony Orlando Charles Koppelman, Don Rubin
My First and Only Lover Nat "King" Cole Artie Kaplan, Paul Kaufman 1963
My Heart Already Knows Howard Greenfield, Bill Buchanan
My Heart Goes Running Back to You Nick Noble Gerry Goffin 1962
My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own Connie Francis, Connie Smith, Debby Boone, Reba McEntire, Susan Raye, Bill Kirchen, Donnie & the Del Chords Howard Greenfield 1960 Billboard #1
My Love Hugo Montenegro Ernie Sheldon, Hugo Montenegro 1969 from here Come The Brides
My Very First Kiss Cynthia Brooks
Never Larry Kolber
Never Again Paul Kaufman
Never Say Goodbye Jimmy Beaumont Larry Kolber
Next Billy Brown Noel Sherman
No Girl Have I Paul Kaufman
No Nobody Joe Shapiro
No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile The Everly Brothers, the Warriors, Ray Pilgrim and Mike Redway, Joey & the Continentals, Bobby Vee 3 Gerry Goffin 1962
No One Else Jim Krondes
No One Ever Died of a Broken Heart Howard Greenfield, Steve Rossi
No Soap Noel Sherman
Nobody Cares Artie Kaplan
Nobody's Asking Questions (But Everyone Wants To Know) Georgia Gibbs Howard Greenfield
Non Devi Piu Roberta Mazzoni Gerry Goffin, Francesco Specchia 1973 Italian "Don't Try to Fight It, Baby"
Non Mandami Piu Florio Everly Brothers Gerry Goffin "How Can I Meet Her" in Italian
Notify The FBI Guy Mitchell, Arena Twins 4 Noel Sherman 1959
Now You Know How It Feels Wink Martindale Noel Sherman 1959 (Billboard #7 as b-side of "Deck of Cards")
Now I Lay Me Down to Weep Cyndea Wendell, John Wendell 1994
It Started All Over Again Brenda Lee, Carole King, Kay Barry, Joyce Howard & Dean Stevens, Penny Black Gerry Goffin 1962 Billboard #29
Once in a Lifetime Larry Kolber
One Girl Barry Mann Joe Shapiro
One Little Acre George Hamilton IV Noel Sherman
One More Time With Billy Anita Bryant Gerry Goffin
One Way Ticket (To The Blues) Neil Sedaka 8, Eruption, Barry Blue, Shadows, Jokers, Original Love, Tanja Thomas, Eleanor Bodel, Ali Sommar, the Spotniks, the Cliffters Hank Hunter 1959
Only True Love Can Survive Larry Kolber, Billy Sills
Only You Could Do That to My Heart Peggy March Tony Powers 1964
Our Day Will Come Frankye Kelly Noel Sherman
Our Love Hank Hunter
Our Love Will Roll On James Booker Jr.
Out of Order Heart Artie Kaplan
Pair of Scissors and a Pot of Glue Dean Reed Marcus Barkan, Neval Nader 1959
Pajunköyttä Four Cats, Laura Kinnunen, Sinikka Lehtevä Howard Greenfield, Puhtila Sauvo Niilo Pellervo 1960 Finnish "Everybody's Somebodys Fool"
Paluulippu Sysimetsä Ilkka Howard Greenfield, Salmi Veikko Olavi 1975 Finnish "One Way Ticket To The Blues"
Parabéns Célia Vilela Gerry Goffin, Fred Jorge 1961 Brazilian "Congratulations"
Park Is Closed Today Mike Robbins
(I Play The) Part of a Fool Rocky Hart, Robin Luke, Sal Mineo, Mello-Kings Larry Kolber 1961
Please Don't Ask About Barbara Bobby Vee, Big Buddy Lucas & the Wigglers Bill Buchanan 1962 Billboard #15
Please, President Kennedy Howard Greenfield, Steve Rossi
People Like Me People Like You Wendell Tracy
People Like Us Noel Sherman
Pity Me Larry Kolber
Poði K Njemu Ivo Robic Gerry Goffin/Kinel Serbian/Croatian/Slavic "Run To Him"
Poor Little Rich Boy Robin Luke Larry Kolber
Poor Little Puppet Jan & Dean, Cathy Carroll Howard Greenfield 1962
Porque Sou Bobo Assim Hank Hunter, O.Scaldelay, J.F. Leggier 1962 Brazilian "(I Play The) Part of a Fool"?
Power of Positive Love Noel Sherman
Prends Sa Main Nicole Cloutier Gerry Goffin 1972 French (Canadian) version of "Run To Him"
Prom and a Promise Noel Sherman
Put Another Memory on the Fire Akiko Kobayashi Jill Colucci, Joe Curiale, Barbara Ellen Rothstein 1989
Put Yourself in My Place Buddy Greco Howard Greenfield 1966
Ready or Not Helen Reddy, Johnny Mathis Amber DiLena 1978 Billboard #73
Red Don't Go with Blue Jimmy Clanton Larry Kolber 1963
Redigo Al Caiola Orchestra Gerry Goffin 1963 Theme to TV show of the same name
Restons Amis Dick Rivers Gerry Goffin, Didier Barbelivien French version of "Run To Him"
Right Age Joe Shapiro
Rock a Cha Cha Noel Sherman
Rock and Roll Mambo Gerry Goffin
Rt 1 Box 595 Jill Cooke aka Jill and Jack Collection
Rückflug-Ticket auf den Mond Nina & Mike Hank Hunter, Peter Orloff 1979 German "One Way Ticket To The Blues"
Rumba Rhythms Gerry Goffin
Rumba Tziganeasca 5 Fanfare Ciocarlia, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble Hank Hunter, Frank Farian 1999
Runna skivor Tores Howard Greenfield, Gerhard Åke 1989 Finnish "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
Run To Him (Run To Her) Bobby Vee, the Lettermen, Donny Osmond, Errol Sober, John Davidson, Jon Nickell, Ranji, Albert West, Little Eva, Beverly Bremers, Jennifer Warnes, Susie Allanson, Colleen Peterson, Big Buddy Lucas & the Wigglers, R. Stevie Moore, Eddie Jason, Labi Siffre, Pat Shannon, Jimmy Tarbuck, Susan Jacks, Gert Lengstrand, Ed Rambeau, Aki Aleong And His Licorice Twisters, Rikki Henderson, Robert Barrie, Mark SaFranko Gerry Goffin 1961 Billboard #2
Saturday Swingout Four Aces Noel Sherman
Say Hello (Goodbye Makes Me Cry) Cardigan Brothers Paul Kaufman, Mike Anthony
School Girl Crush Paul Kaufman
School Is Cruel Noel Sherman
Seattle Perry Como, Bobby Sherman, Connie Smith, Floyd Cramer, Hugo Montenegro, Dudley Manlove, the New Establishment, Game Theory Ernie Sheldon, Hugo Montenegro 1969 Theme from "Here Come The Brides", Billboard #38
Seven Minutes in Heaven Poni-Tails Noel Sherman 1958
Sexy Sady James Booker Jr.
She Doesn't Know It Tony Orlando, Jay and the Americans Artie Kornfeld
She's Back Clifford Buckosh
Shipmates Howard Greenfield
Short Hair and Turtleneck Sweater Billy Adams T. Bennett, Paul Sarah
Silver Platter Sol Parker
Sixteen Cubes of Sugar Bernie Knee w. Carole King Howard Greenfield
Sixteen Years Ago Tonight Kenny Karen Howard Greefield, Kenny Karen
Ski City Howard Greenfield (from film "Winter-a-Go-Go")
Smokey Mountain Blue Charlie Craig
Snakey Smokey Owens Artie Kaplan, Tony Orlando
Sneaking 'Round Corners David Geddes Paul Vance 1975
So wie es damals war Siw Malmkvist Howard Greenfield, Ralph Maria Siegel 1960 German "My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own"
Some Dreams Beckie Foster, Austin Roberts
Somebody Who Knows How to Turn Donna Hicks
Someone Back Home William Buchanan, Ted Cooper
Sow the Seeds of Happiness Perry Como Noel Sherman
Spark of Love Clayton Lee Trulove
Standing in the Ruins (Of Our Old Love Affair) Connie Francis Howard Greenfield 1965
Star Girl Clayton Lee trulove
Stay by Me Noel Sherman
Story of the Civil War Barry Mann Brooks Arthur, Artie Kaplan
Stranger in the World Bobby Rydell Howard Greenfield
Stroke My Ego Bill Altvater, Carol Johnson
Stupid Idiot Artie Kaplan
Summer School Blues Noel Sherman
Sun tahtoisin tietävän sen Arja Koriseva Howard Greenfield, 1990 Finnish "Everybody's Somebody's Fool"
Sweet Sad Clown Society of Seven Diane Hildebrand
Tear Drops Hank Hunter
Le Temps Des Amour Robert Demontigny Diane Hildebrand, J Blanchet
That's How It Will Be Larry Kolber
That's How Much Brian Hyland Brooks Arthur, Artie Kaplan 1960 Billboard #74
That's Just What You Are Larry Kolber
That's What I Call True Love Bernie Knee w. Carole King, Carl Dobkins Jr Gerry Goffin
That's Where My Lovin' Goes Conway Twitty Larry Kolber 1961
The Coming Home Party Tiny Tim Diane Hildebrand 1968
The Doll House Is Empty The Everly Brothers Howard Greenfield 1966
The Lovin' Touch Mark Dining, Tony Orlando Gerry Goffin 1960 Billboard #84
The Trouble with Boys Little Eva, Lulu Gerry Goffin 1963
There But for Her Go I Capris Sisters Noel Sherman
There Must Be a Reason Paul Kaufman
There's a Broken Heart (For Every Song on the Jukebox) Steve Rossi Larry Kolber
There's a Reason Joe Shapiro
Theres So Much About My Baby That I Love Paris Sisters Larry Kolber
These Are the Times That Make Larry Kolber
This Changing World Howard Greenfield
This Is for Real Joe Shapiro
This Little Fool Jodie Sands Artie Kaplan
This Time I'm Losing You Tommy Regan Howard Greenfield, Tony Orlando 1964
Thorn on the Rose Joe Dowell Larry Kolber 1962
Three OClock Thrill Kalin Twins Noel Sherman 1958 Billboard #5 (as b-side of "When")
Tomorrow Land Noel Sherman
Too Smart for My Own Good Larry Kolber
Torchy Hank Hunter
Train Hank Hunter, Jeremy Willis
Trem Do Amor Célia Vilela Hank Hunter, Fred Jorge 1960 Brazilian "Down the Road of Love"?
Tu Es Pris Au Piège Catherine Alfa Gerry Goffin, Manou Roblin 1963 French "Don't Try to Fight It, Baby"
20th Century Christian Sydney Stroud Thomas
Twenty-One Gun Salute Noel Sherman
Twistin' Up a Storm Larry Kolber
Two Strings Two Beans One Gerard Theriault
Unknown Soldier Howard Greenfield
Usko en ihmeisiin Camilla Stähle Howard Greenfield, Tuominen Tarmo Juhani 1981 Finnish "My Heart Has a Mind Of Its Own"
Venus in Blue Jeans Jimmy Clanton, Mark Wynter, B Bruno, Sammy Hall, Barry Mann, Ray Adams, Big Buddy Lucas & the Wigglers Howard Greenfield 1962 Billboard #7
Victim Jesse Boyce
Wackiest Ship in the Army Howard Greefield, Helen Miller 1965 TV show theme
Waiting for Your Love Barry Mann Joe Shapiro
Walking in the Footsteps of a Fool Ben E. King, Eddie Fisher Howard Greenfield 1961
Walking to School Kalin Twins Noel Sherman
Wanted: One Girl Jan & Dean Charles Koppelman, Don Rubin 1961 Billboard 'bubbler' at #104
We All Need to Send Our Love Around the World Laura Vida Laura Vida
We Proved Them Wrong Julie London Larry Kolber
We're Not Friends Anymore Bobby Vee 3 Howard Greenfield
What a Lovely Party Howard Greenfield
What a Nice Way to Turn Seventeen The Crystals Larry Kolber 1962
What Do I See in the Girl Freddie Scott, Ernie Andrews Gerry Goffin 1963
Whats Come Over This World Billy Carr Howard Greefield 1965
When Does Friendship End Larry Kolber
When Im Right You Dont Remember Jimmy Rodgers Howard Greefield, Billy Hill
When Kiss Comes to Love Harold Littrell Bob Feldman, Russ Keller
When Somebody Loves You Howard Greenfield, Keely Smith 1965 (not the Frank Sinatra song)
When the Boys Meet the Girls Connie Francis Howard Greenfield 1965
When You Get What You Want Lou Monte Howard Greefield 1967
When You're Gone from Me Barry Mann Hank Hunter
Who Gary Crosby Cynthia Weil
Who Do You Think You Are Four Lads Noel Sherman
Who Cares About You? Howard Greenfield
Who Is It Carlton the Doorman Lorenzo Music, Henrietta 1975 Carlton is aka Lorenzo Music, from the TV show Rhoda
Whole New World Sidney Russell From Season 2 of The Flying Nun
Why Don't You Love Me Sal Mineo Larry Kolber
Winter A Go Go The Hondells Howard Greenfield 1966 from film "Winter-a-Go-Go"
Wish I Knew Hugo Montenegro Ernie Sheldon, Hugo Montenegro (FROM "Here Come the Brides")
Without a Shadow of a Doubt Stephen Clark, Wendell Tracy
Woman Is a Sentimental Thing Paul Anka Howard Greenfield 1967
World in My Arms Nat King Cole Noel Sherman
Yksin sua Johnny & the Dodgers Hank Hunter, Tuntematon 1980 Finnish "Part of a Fool"
You Can Believe Me Danny Rogers, Sunday Sharpe
You Can Never Get Away from Me Georgia Gibbs Howard Greenfield 1963
You Cant Have Your Cake Larry Duncan
You Gotta Rock You Gotta Roll Richard Lynn
You Never Looked as Beautiful Brooks Arthur Hank Hunter
You Taught Me How to Love You Howard Greenfield
You Took Me for a Ride Hank Hunter
You're Boss Brooks Arthur
You've Got the Style Tony Powers
Young and Innocent Hank Hunter
Your Auntie Grizelda The Monkees, Magic Lanterns Diane Hildebrand 1967
Your Used to Be Brenda Lee Howard Greenfield 1963 Billboard #32
Yum Yum Yum The Cinderellas Noel Sherman


  1. French language version by Keller/Goffin/Roblin
  2. BMI credits Goffin-Keller, Songwriters Hall of Fame credits Goffin-King
  3. Unreleased
  4. record label for Arena Twins lists songwriting credit as "B. Mann - N. Sherman"
  5. the "wild gypsy brass band version" of "One Way Ticket (To The Blues)"
  6. Brazilian, translation by Fred Jorge
  7. as "Dansez Le Turkey Trot", translation by Donald Lautrec
  8. also as "Passaje De Ida"


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