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born on 27/9/1966 in Roma, Latium, Italy

Alias Lorenzo "Jovanotti" Cherubini


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Lorenzo Cherubini (born 27 September 1966), better known as Jovanotti (Italian pronunciation: [dʒovaˈnɔtti]), is an Italian singer-songwriter and rapper.

The name Jovanotti derives from the plural form of the Italian word giovanotto ("young man"), i.e., giovanotti. Cherubini initially chose "Joe Vanotti" as his stage name, but a promotional poster for a night club incorrectly billed him as "Jovanotti" and the name stuck. (The spelling Jovanotti is anglicized; the letter J is rarely used in Italian) Jovanotti is commonly known to his fans by the diminutive form "Jova", and often refers to himself that way in promotional items and on his Web TV channel Jova.TV, which launched October 2, 2014.

Jovanotti gradually departed from his early mix of hip hop, rap and disco, taking in funk, world music and even classical arrangements and ska influences. As his musical influences changed, so did his lyrics too, which over time began to increasingly address philosophical, religious and political issues, which are more typical of the Italian cantautore tradition. His social and political commitment increased as well. Some of his earlier work is also closer to keyboard-heavy 1980s pop.

Most of his songs are sung in Italian; he also released a Spanish-language greatest hits album. His live album includes a short version of the Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." Jovanotti appears on several international compilations, most notably Red Hot + Rhapsody, a 1998 tribute to George Gershwin, on which he performed "I Got Rhythm". Jovanotti also appeared in one of Luciano Pavarotti's charity concerts in 1996.


Early life

Cherubini was born on 27 September 1966 in Rome to Tuscan parents, Mario and Viola Cardinali, but he spent part of his childhood in his parents' hometown, Cortona, in the province of Arezzo (Tuscany).[1]

After completing his high-school studies, he started working as a disc jockey in several discothèques and radio stations in the province of Rome.[2][3] In 1985 he moved to Milan.[2] Two years later, during the summer of 1987, while he was playing a DJ set in Palinuro, he met the record producer and talent scout Claudio Cecchetto, who proposed they begin working together.[4] That same year Jovanotti released his first single, "Walking," and started working as a DJ for one of the most prominent national radio stations, Radio DeeJay,[5] which was founded by Cecchetto five years earlier.

Career breakthrough: 1980s and 1990s

His first studio album, Jovanotti for President, was released in 1988 and became the symbol of the Italian youth of the eighties, without any interest in ideologies and politics.[6][7] Despite receiving strongly negative criticism,[8] the album became a big commercial success, reaching the third position on the Italian Musica e dischi Albums Chart[9] and selling over 400,000 copies in Italy.[10] Moreover, the album spawned five singles, including the number-one hits, "Gimme Five" and "Gimme Five (Rasta Five)" and the songs "Go Jovanotti Go" and "Mix, Remix & The singers," which entered the Italian top 5.[11]

In 1998, Jovanotti played a brief role in the movie I Giardini dell'Eden, directed by Alessandro D'Alatri.

The song "Piove" was released for the second season of The Sopranos as an ending credits track.


His 2005 CD, Buon Sangue, was influenced by both rock and old school hip hop. It is one of his most innovative works to date. Edoardo Bennato collaborated on one track, while bass player Saturnino co-wrote two of the songs.

In 2007 he was featured at the end of Negramaro's song, "Cade la Pioggia," of their CD, La Finestra, and in 2008 he released the new album Safari.

In 2008 he performed as guest artist on the track "Lugar Comum" from the album Encanto. At the end of 2009, he collaborated with Claudio Baglioni and Fabrizio Bosso, along with 70 other artists, in the song "Con tutto il mio cuore (with All My Heart)." On 1 January 2010 the group released "Baciami Ancora (Kiss Me Again)" for the soundtrack of a film by Gabriele Muccino.


In December 2010 he achieved a number one hit on the Italian Top 20 charts with "Tutto l'amore che ho." On January 25, 2011, he released his eighteenth album Ora. Later in 2011 he played at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.


Along with the evolution of his sound, his social and political commitment increased since the 1990s. As a convinced pacifist, he frequently worked with organizations such as Make Poverty History, Amnesty International, and he has contributed to events dedicated to debt relief (Global Call to Action Against Poverty).

Jovanotti has a friendship with Bono due to their mutual quest for the cancellation of foreign debt in poor African countries. He also collaborated with Michael Franti of Spearhead on his Capo Horn and Ora albums. Both Michael Franti and U2 misspelled his name as Giovanotti in the liner note credits.


Even though Jovanotti has never had a UK chart hit under his own name, he was briefly known in the United Kingdom as the presenter of the DEF II programme Gimme 5. The show, which featured a brief introduction each week by Jovanotti, showcased youth television programmes from around the world.

Gino Latino

Jovanotti was behind one of two rival Gino Latino italo house tracks in the early 1990s. His Gino Latino single, "Welcome", reached number 17 on the UK Singles Chart.

Private life

On 6 September 2008 Jovanotti married Francesca Valiani at Cortona, in the Church of Santa Maria Nuova. Their daughter Teresa was born in 1998. He dedicated the lullaby "Per te" to Teresa, one of the hits of the album Capo Horn (1999), and the song "Libera" from the album Lorenzo 2015 cc.[12]


Studio albums

  • 1988: Jovanotti for President
  • 1989: La mia moto
  • 1990: Giovani Jovanotti
  • 1991: Una tribù che balla
  • 1992: Lorenzo 1992
  • 1994: Lorenzo 1994
  • 1997: Lorenzo 1997 - L'albero
  • 1999: Lorenzo 1999 - Capo Horn
  • 2002: Lorenzo 2002 - Il quinto mondo
  • 2005: Buon sangue
  • 2008: Safari
  • 2011: Ora
  • 2015: Lorenzo 2015 CC.
  • 2017: Oh, Vita!

Awards and nominations

Year Award Nomination Work Result
1996 MTV Video Music Awards Best European Video[13] "L'ombelico del mondo" Nominated
1998 Premio Italiano della Musica Italian Album of the Year[14] Lorenzo 1997 - L'albero Nominated
Italian Song of the Year[14] "Bella" Nominated
Italian Tour of the Year[14] Lorenzo Tour 1997 Nominated
Special Award – Radio DeeJay[15] Himself Won
1999 MTV Europe Music Awards Best Italian Act[16] Himself Nominated
2000 Premio Italiano della Musica Song of the Year[17] "Il mio nome è mai più" (with Ligabue & Piero Pelù) Won
Music Video of the Year[17] "Il mio nome è mai più" (with Ligabue & Piero Pelù) Won
Lunezia Award Best Singer-Songwriter Album[18] Lorenzo 1999 - Capo Horn Nominated
2001 Italian Music Awards Best Tour[19] Lorenzo Tour 1999 Nominated
Best Music Video[19] "File Not Found" Nominated
2002 Premio Videoclip Italiano Best Music Video of Research[20] "Salvami" Won
2005 Premio Videoclip Italian Best Music Video by a Male Artist[21] "(Tanto)³" Won
2006 Premio Amnesty Italia Voices for Freedom[22] "Mani in alto" Nominated
MTV Europe Music Awards Best Italian Act[23] Himself Nominated
Premio Videoclip Italiano Best Music Video by a Male Artist[24] "Falla girare" Won
2008 Mogol Award Best Lyrics[25] "Fango" Won
World Music Awards Best-Selling Italian Artist[26] Himself Won
Premio Videoclip Italiano Special Award for the Art of Music Videos[27] Himself Won
Musica e Dischi Critics' Prize Best Italian Album[28] Safari Won
2009 Mogol Award Best Lyrics[29] "A te" Nominated
2010 David di Donatello Best Song[30] "Baciami ancora" (from Baciami ancora) Won
Nastro d'Argento Best Original Song[31] "Baciami ancora" (from Baciami ancora) Nominated
2011 TRL Awards Superman Award[32] Himself Nominated
Mogol Award Best Lyrics[33] "Le tasche piene di sassi" Won
MTV Europe Music Awards Best Italian Act[34] Himself Nominated
Musica e Dischi Critics' Prize Best Italian Album – Pop & Rock[35] Ora Won
Best Concert Tour Lorenzo Live - Ora in Tour 2011-2012[35] Won
Rockol Awards Best Italian Album[36] Ora Won
Best Italian Single[36] "Il più grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang" Nominated
Best Italian Tour[36] Lorenzo Live - Ora in Tour 2011-2012 Nominated
2012 TRL Awards Superman Award[37] Himself Nominated
Best Video[37] "Il più grande spettacolo dopo il Big Bang" Nominated
2013 MTV Italian Music Awards TwITStar[38] Himself Nominated
Medimex Awards Artist of the Year – Special Award[39] Himself Won
2015 MTV Italian Music Awards TwITStar[40] Himself Nominated
Medimex Awards Best Album[41] Lorenzo 2015 CC. Won
Best Music Video[41] "Sabato" Won
Best Concert Tour[41] Lorenzo negli stadi 2015 Won
2016 Assomusica Award Music Award for Best Visual Live Show 2015[42] Lorenzo negli stadi 2015 Won
Onstage Awards Platinum Ticket – Most-viewed Italian tour in indoor arenas[43] Lorenzo nei Palasport Won
Best Performer[44] Himself Nominated
Best Tour[44] Himself Nominated
Live Anthem[44] "Gli immortali" Nominated
Best Look[44] Himself Nominated
2017 David di Donatello Best Original Song[45] "L'estate addosso" Nominated


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