Savan Kotecha

born in in Austin, TX, United States

Savan Kotecha

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Savan Kotecha is a songwriter from Austin, Texas. Savan has sold over 40 million albums with artists such as Enrique Iglesias, Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears, and Celine Dion. He scored a #1 in the US with Carrie Underwoods first ever single "Inside Your Heaven", as well as the Britney Spears' hit "If U Seek Amy", Shontelle's "T Shirt", Vanessa Hudgens "Say Ok".

His songs have been featured on 9 UK number 1 albums, and has had 9 top 10 UK singles, including Alexandra Burke's "Broken Heels", Shontelle's "T Shirt", Westlifes Obvious, Amazing and "Us Against the World" as well as Simon Cowells The X Factor winner, Shayne Wards, No U Hang Up" and "Breathless", and has won 3 BMI awards.[1] and Leona Lewis' "I Got You" (UK/EU/Asia)

Savan's upcoming releases include BC Jean, Shayne Ward (UK), Jenna Andrews, Britney Spears, Miranda Crosgrove, Alexandra Burke

Partial songwriting discography


  • Il Divo "Mama"
  • Westlife "Obvious" (UK #3)
  • Westlife "Heal"
  • Westlife "When a Woman Loves a Man"
  • Thomas Anders "World Of Stars"
  • Lindsay Lohan "Disconnected"
  • Lindsay Lohan "Symptoms Of You"
  • Ryan Cabrera "Shame on Me"
  • Geri Halliwell "Ride It" (UK #4)
  • Denise Lopez "Love Me Down, Sex Dice, Karma Sutra"


  • Tammin "Pointless Relationship" (AUS #5)
  • Tammin "Whatever Will Be" (AUS #13)
  • Tammin "Almost Me"
  • Carrie Underwood "Inside Your Heaven" (US #1)
  • Celine Dion "Let Your Heart Decide"
  • Westlife "Amazing" (UK #4)
  • Westlife "Colour My World"
  • Westlife "Hit You With The Real Thing"
  • Westlife "Maybe Tomorrow"
  • Westlife "Miss You When I'm Dreaming"
  • Westlife "Still Here"


  • Edurne "Un Dolor Silencioso (Antilove Song)"
  • Il Divo "Una Noche"
  • Shayne Ward "Stand By Me" (UK #14)
  • Shayne Ward "Something Worth Living For"
  • Shayne Ward "A Better Man"
  • Stephanie McIntosh "You Should Have Lied"
  • Vanessa Hudgens "Say OK" (US #61)
  • Vanessa Hudgens "Whatever Will Be"


  • Enrique Iglesias "Ring My Bells"
  • Delta Goodrem "I Can't Break It To My Heart" (AUS #13)
  • Journey South "Do You Think Of Me"
  • Journey South "I'll Be Your Desire"
  • Westlife "Us Against The World" (UK #8)
  • Westlife "Something Right"
  • Westlife "The Easy Way"
  • Westlife "Pictures In My Head"
  • Celine Dion "Eyes On Me"
  • Shayne Ward "If That's OK with You" (UK #2)
  • Shayne Ward "No U Hang UP (UK #2)
  • Shayne Ward "Breathless" (UK #6)
  • Shayne Ward "Damaged"
  • Shayne Ward "Some Tears Never Dry"
  • Shayne Ward "Until You"
  • Shayne Ward "Melt the Snow"
  • Shayne Ward "U Got Me So"
  • Shayne Ward "You Make Me Wish"


  • The Three Graces "You'll Be Watching"
  • Shontelle "T Shirt" (US #36) (UK #6)
  • ICarly Soundtrack/Miranda Cosgrove "Stay My Baby" (Radio Disney #19)
  • Jordan Pruitt "My Shoes" (Radio Disney #11)
  • Delta Goodrem "I Can't Break It My To My Heart" US Album (AUS #13)
  • Lesley Roy "Phsyco B**ch"
  • Leon Jackson "Stargazing"
  • Leon Jackson "Fingerprints"
  • Same Difference "Right Between The Eyes"
  • Britney Spears "If U Seek Amy" (US #19)


  • Paula Deanda "Roll The Credits" (US CHR #37)
  • Paul Potts "Mamma"
  • Jessie James "I Look So Good (Without You)" (US CHR #43)
  • Jessie James "Burn It Up"
  • Jada "Break Up Song"
  • Days Difference "Speakers"
  • Space Cowboy "Boyfriends Hate Me"
  • Alexandra Burke "Broken Heels" (UK #8)
  • Alexandra Burke "The Silence"
  • Alexandra Burke "Dumb"
  • Alexandra Burke "Gotta Go"
  • Carrie Underwood "Quitter"
  • Allison Iraheta "Friday I'll Be Over U"
  • Allison Iraheta "Just Like You"
  • Leona Lewis "I Got You" (UK #14)
  • Leona Lewis "Brave"
  • Leona Lewis "Naked"
  • Leona Lewis "Outta My Head"
  • Adam Lambert "If I Had You"
  • Westlife "Where We Are"
  • Westlife "No More Heroes"

Discography Europe (and minor markets)


  • Agnes "On Top of the World"


  • Stanfour "It's Not Over"
  • Amy Diamond "Stay My Baby" (#4 SWE)
  • Lisa Bund "Closer"
  • E Type "True Believer" (#1 SWE)
  • Ola "Rain" (#1 SWE)
  • Stephanie McIntosh "You Should Have Lied"
  • Marilou "Ce Monde Est Fait Pour Nous"
  • Marilou "Je Pars Sans Toi"


  • Emilia de Poret "I Can"
  • Charlotte Perrelli "Appreciate"
  • News "Liar" (#1 JP)
  • Monrose "Stained"
  • Jonathan Fagerlund "A Little More"
  • Jonathan Fagerlund "If I Can't Love You Anymore"
  • Cortes "Mama"


  • No Angels "Minute By Minute"
  • No Angels "Thunderstorm"



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