Bill Barron

Bill Barron

born on 27/3/1927 in Philadelphia, PA, United States

died on 21/9/1989 in Middletown, CT, United States

Bill Barron (musician)

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Bill Barron (musician)

Bill Barron (born William Barron, Jr., March 27, 1927September 21, 1989)[1] was an American jazz tenor and soprano tenor saxophonist.[1]

Barron was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[1] He first appeared on a Cecil Taylor recording in 1959, and he later recorded extensively with Philly Joe Jones and co-led a post-bop quartet with Ted Curson. His younger brother, pianist Kenny Barron, appeared on all of the sessions that the elder Barron led.[1][2] Other musicians he recorded with included Charles Mingus and Ollie Shearer.

Barron also directed a jazz workshop at the Children's Museum in Brooklyn, taught at City College of New York, and became the chairman of the music department at Wesleyan University.[1] He recorded for Savoy, recording that label's last jazz record in 1972,[1] and Muse. The Bill Barron Collection is housed at the Institute of Jazz Studies of the Rutgers University libraries.[3]

Barron died September 21, 1989 in Middletown, Connecticut.[1]


As leader

  • 1961: The Tenor Stylings of Bill Barron
  • 1962: The Leopard (Chiaroscuro Records)
  • 1962: Modern Windows - A Jazz Suite from the New 'Soul'
  • 1962: Hot Line - The Tenor of Bill Barron
  • 1963: West Side Story Bossa Nova
  • 1978: Jazz Caper
  • 1987: The Next Plateau

As sideman

With Cecil Taylor

  • Love for Sale (1959)

With Philly Joe Jones

  • Showcase (Riverside, 1959)

With Ted Curson

  • Tears for Dolphy (1964)
  • The New Thing and the Blue Thing (1965)

With Charles Mingus

  • Mingus Revisited

With Sam Rivers

  • Crystals


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