Charles Kynard

Charles Kynard

born on 20/2/1933 in St. Louis, MO, United States

died on 8/7/1979 in Los Angeles, CA, United States

Charles Kynard

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Charles Kynard (20 February 1933–8 July 1979) was an American soul jazz/acid jazz organist born in St. Louis, Missouri.[1]

Kynard first played piano then switched to organ and led a trio in Kansas City including Tex Johnson (flute, sax) and Leroy Anderson (drums). In 1963, he settled to Los Angeles and his band featured guitarists Cal Green and Ray Crawford, drummer Johnny Kirkwood.


As leader

  • Where It's At! (Pacific Jazz, 1963)
  • Warm Winds (World Pacific, 1964)
  • Professor Soul (Prestige, 1968)
  • The Soul Brotherhood (Prestige, 1969)
  • Reelin' with the Feelin' (Prestige, 1969)
  • Afro-Disiac (Prestige, 1970)
  • Wa-Tu-Wa-Zui (Beautiful People) (Prestige, 1970)
  • Charles Kynard (Mainstream, 1971)
  • Woga (Mainstream, 1972)
  • Your Mama Don't Dance (Mainstream, 1973)

As sideman

With Blue Mitchell

  • The Last Tango = Blues (1973)

With Sonny Stitt

  • My Mother's Eyes (Pacific Jazz, 1963)


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