Bobby Robinson

Bobby Robinson

born on 16/4/1917 in Union, SC, United States

died on 7/1/2011 in Harlem, NY, United States

Bobby Robinson (record producer)

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Bobby Robinson (record producer)

Bobby Robinson (April 16, 1917 January 7, 2011)[1] was an American independent record producer and songwriter in New York, most active from the 1950s through the mid-1980s. He produced hits by Wilbert Harrison, The Shirelles, Dave "Baby" Cortez, Elmore James, Lee Dorsey, Gladys Knight & The Pips, King Curtis, Spoonie Gee, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, Doug E. Fresh, and Treacherous Three. He founded or co-founded Red Robin Records, Whirlin' Disc Records, Fury Records, Fire Records and Enjoy Records.[1][2]


Born in Union, South Carolina,[1] Robinson served in the US Army in World War II.[3] After the war, Robinson moved to New York City and opened "Bobby's Record Shop" (later "Bobby's Happy House") in 1946.[4] His was the first black-owned business on Harlem's famed 125th Street. Located on the corner of 125th St. and Frederick Douglass Boulevard (formerly, "8th Avenue"), his shop remained open until January 21, 2008, forced to close only because its landlord planned to raze the building for new construction. Robinson's store outlasted large chain store competitors, including HMV and the Wiz.

The store became a focal point for the independent record producers establishing themselves in New York, and Robinson spent some time assisting Ahmet Ertegun at Atlantic Records.[4] He produced his first recording, "Bobby's Boogie" by saxophonist Morris Lane and his band, in 1951, but originally specialised in recording vocal groups including the Mello-Moods, the Rainbows, the Vocaleers and the Du-Droppers. However, he also recorded blues performers such as Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, and had his first major success with "Shake Baby Shake" by Champion Jack Dupree in 1953. The record was released on Red Robin Records, which Robinson had established the previous year, originally under the name Robin Records until forced to change the name after legal threats by another company.[2][5]

Having enjoyed healthy local sales with doo-wop and blues discs in the early-to-mid-1950s, he established several more record labels in the 1950s and 1960s, some in partnership with his brother, Danny Robinson. Among them were Whirlin' Disc Records in 1956, Fury Records and Everlast Records in 1957, Fire Records in 1959, and Enjoy Records in 1962. He launched Fire and Fury as vehicles for rhythm and blues and rock and roll artists, most of which were produced by him in New York, but some were produced by others and acquired by him in various Southern cities.

Robinson produced numerous million-selling records by such notable performers as Wilbert Harrison, The Shirelles, Lee Dorsey, and Dave "Baby" Cortez, many of whom were signed to the label by A&R man Marshall Sehorn. One of his earliest hits was Harrison's "Kansas City", over which he faced legal action brought by Herman Lubinsky of Savoy Records, who claimed he had Harrison under contract.[3] Robinson produced Gladys Knight & the Pips' first hit, "Every Beat of My Heart" (after he signed them to Fury; the original version was recorded in Atlanta, issued locally on Hintom and leased to Vee Jay, who had the bigger hit). Robinson produced several of Elmore James' greatest records as well as recordings by other leading blues musicians including Lightnin' Hopkins, Arthur Crudup, and Buster Brown.[2] King Curtis's "Soul Twist" was the first release of his Enjoy label in 1962, and over twenty years later, he released the highly successful hit, "Im The Packman (Eat Everything I Can)" by The Packman, on the same label. The rights to Robinson's recordings on Fire and Fury were sold to Bell Records in 1965.[3]

Compilation album producer Diana Reid Haig wrote:[6]
"The common thread that connected all of Robinson's various record labels was his uncanny ability to bring out the best in his artists. While most producers at that time attempted to soften the edges of rhythm & blues singers in hopes of appealing to the pop market, Robinson delighted in capturing raw-edged artists like Elmore James and Buster Brown just as they were."

In the 1970s, Robinson produced some of the first hip-hop music records for his "Enjoy" label and had considerable influence and success in that genre through the mid-1980s. He achieved another success in 1979, when he recorded Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's first record, "Superrappin'", an innovative record which was very influential in hip-hop's early years. A local hit among New York area hip-hop fans, the music industry, however, was not ready for the new sound, and the record failed to hit nationwide.

Robinson then went to commercial success with other old school hip hop artists, including Pumpkin and Friends, the Funky Four Plus One More, Spoonie Gee (Robinson's nephew), and Kool Moe Dee with the Treacherous Three.

Robinson chalked up yet another success when he produced Doug E. Fresh's "Just Having Fun (Do The Beatbox)", which introduced beatboxing to the record-buying public.

Robinson died on January 7, 2011 at the age of 93, after a period of declining health.[7]


Selected production credits

  • "Kansas City" by Wilbert Harrison, 1959
  • "Dedicated to the One I Love" by The Shirelles, 1959
  • "The Happy Organ" by Dave "Baby" Cortez, 1959
  • "Fannie Mae" by Buster Brown, 1959
  • "You Don't Have to Go" by Sam Myers, 1960
  • "The Sky Is Crying" by Elmore James, 1960
  • "Ya Ya" by Lee Dorsey, 1961
  • "Tossin' and Turnin'" by Bobby Lewis, 1961
  • "Every Beat of My Heart" by Gladys Knight & the Pips, 1961
  • "Soul Twist" by King Curtis, 1962
  • "Wiggle Wobble" by Les Cooper, 1962
  • "Love Rap" by Spoonie Gee, 1980
  • "Superappin" by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, 1979
  • "Rappin' And Rocking The House" by the Funky Four Plus One More, 1979 (at over fifteen minutes, one of the longest rap records of its time)
  • "Rockin' It" by The Fearless Four, 1982
  • several hits by Kool Moe Dee with the Treacherous Three ("The New Rap Language", "Feel The Heartbeat", "At The Party" and "Body Rock")

Fire 7" discography

  • 1000 Tarheel Slim And Little Ann It's Too Late / Don't Ever Leave Me
  • 1001 Earl Lewis & The Channels The Girl Next Door / My Heart Is Sad
  • 1002 Mary Ann Fisher Wild As You Can Be / Put On My Shoes
  • 1003 Willis Jackson Band Good To The Bone / Making It
  • 1004  ?
  • 1005 Vinnie & Kenny Schooltime / Who (Is The Girl)
  • 1006 Wild Jimmy Spurill Hard Grind / Kansas City March
  • 1007 Rockin' B Bradley Lookout / I Have News For You
  • 1008 Buster Brown Fannie Mae / Lost In A Dream
  • 1009 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann Much Too Late / Lock Me In Your Heart
  • 1010 May Ann Fisher As Wild As You Can Be / Only Yesterday
  • 1011 Elmore James And His Broomdusters Make My Dreams Come True / Bobby's Rock
  • 1012 The Rainbows Mary Lee / Evening
  • 1013 Little Bobby Roach Mush / More Mush
  • 1014 Bobby Marchan & The Tick Tocks Shoppin' And Accusin' / This Is The Life
  • 1015 Johnny Acey Why / Please Don't Go Back (To Baltimore)
  • 1016 Elmo James And His Broomdusters The Sky Is Crying / Held My Baby Last Night
  • 1017 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann Can't Stay Away Part 1 / Part 2
  • 1018 Paul Perryman Look At My Baby / Keep A'Calling
  • 1019 Riff Ruffin All My Life / Gravy Train
  • 1020 Buster Brown The Madison Shuffle / John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)
  • 1021 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann Forever I'll Be Yours / Anything For You
  • 1022 Bobby Marchan There's Something On Your Mind Part 1 / Part 2
  • 1023 Buster Brown Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby / Don't Dog Your Woman
  • 1024 Elmore James Rollin' And Tumblin' / I'm Worried
  • 1025 Billy Lewis Tell All The World About You /Heart Trouble
  • 1026 The Gay Poppers I Want To Know / I've Got It
  • 1027 Bobby Marchan Booty Green / It Hurts Me To My Heart
  • 1028 Bobby Marchan You're Still My Baby Part 1 / Part 2
  • 1029 The Upsetters Jaywalkin' / Steppin' Out
  • 1030 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann Security / Bless You My Darling
  • 1031 Elmo James Done Somebody Wrong / Fine Little Mama
  • 1032 Buster Brown Doctor Brown / Sincerely
  • 1033 Mighty Joe Young Empty Arms / Why Baby
  • 1034 Lightin' Hopkins Mojo Hand / Glory Be
  • 1035 Bobby Marchan All In My Mind / I Miss You So
  • 1036 Johnny Chef Can't Stop Moving / Baby Please Come Back
  • 1037 Bobby Marchan What You Don't Know Don't Hurt You / I Need Someone (I Need You)
  • 1038 The Tellers I Wanna Run To You / Tears Fell From My Eyes
  • 1039 The Gay Poppers Please Mr Cupid / You Got Me Uptight
  • 1040 Buster Brown Blues When It Rains / Good News
  • 500 Willie Bradford So Long / Wanna Be Loved
  • 501 Dr Horse I'm Tired Of It / Think I Know
  • 502 Otis Scott New Kind Of Love / ?
  • 503 Slim And Ann, Orchestra Conducted By Larry Lucie It's A Sin / You're Gonna' Reap (Everything You Sow)
  • 504 Elmore James Look on Yonder Wall / Shake Your Moneymaker
  • 505 Chuck Bradford You're Gonna Miss Me / Say It Was A Dream
  • 506 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann Forever I'll Be Yours / Can't Stay Away From You
  • 507 Buster Brown I'm Going Out But I'll Be Back / Sugar Babe
  • 508 Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford I Need Your Lovin' / Tell Me
  • 509  ?
  • 510 Bobby Marchan Yes It's Written All Over Your Face / Look At My Heart
  • 511 Chuck Bradford You Can't Hurt Me Anymore / Wherever You Are
  • 512 Linda Martell & The Anglos A Little Tear / The Things I Do For You
  • 513 Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford Don't You Worry / I'm Coming Home To Stay
  • 514 Dr Horse Jack The Cat Was Clean / Salt Pork West Va
  • 515  ?
  • 516 Buster Brown Raise A Ruckus Tonight / Gonna Love My Baby
  • 517 Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford Lead Me On / Tcb (Taking Care Of Business)
  • 1501 Arthur Crudup Rock Me Mama / Mean Ole Frisco
  • 1502 Arthur Crudup Katie Mae / Dig Myself A Hole
  • 1503 Elmore James Strangerblues / Anna Lee
  • 2020 Elmore James Pickin' The Blues / It Hurts Me To
  • 2021 Buster Brown Sugar Babe / Don't Dog Your Woman
  • 2022 Larry Dale Rock A While / The Things I Used To Do
  • 5001 Darwin Nelson Mary Sue / Good Gosh Gerty 1959

Fire LP discography

  • FLP-100 Here Are The Hits! Various Artists [1959] Original cover has photograph of teenagers dancing. Record label is white with red printing. Deserie Charts/Mary Lee Rainbows/Dear One -Scarlets/I've Lost Scarlets/I Velvets/I Cried Velvets//My Love Will Never Die Channels/Bye Bye Baby Channels/Evening Rainbows/Oh Gee Oh Gosh Kodaks/I'm So Happy Teen Chords/Lydia Teen Chords
  • FLP-100 Memory Lane Various Artists [1959] Second cover called "Memory Lane, Hits by the Original Groups", there is no picture. Record label is red with black printing. Deserie -Charts/Mary Lee Rainbows/Dear One -Scarlets/I've Lost Scarlets/I Velvets/I Cried Velvets//My Love Will Never Die Channels/Bye Bye Baby Channels/Evening Rainbows/Oh Gee Oh Gosh Kodaks/I'm So Happy Teen Chords/Lydia Teen Chords
  • FLP-101 Buster Brown New King Of The Blues Buster Brown [1960] Label is white with red printing. FLP-101 in trail off area of LP. Fannie Mae/John Henry/Madison/St. Louis Blues/When Things Go Wrong/Lost In A Dream//Is You Is Or Is You Ain't/Don't Dog Your Woman/Blue Berry Hill/Sincerely/I'm Goin' But I'll Be Back
  • FLP-102 Buster Brown New King Of The Blues Buster Brown [1960] Cover is blue with drawing of Buster Brown, label is red with black printing. FLP-101 in trail off area of LP even though the cover and label say FLP-102. Fannie Mae/John Henry/Madison/St. Louis Blues/When Things Go Wrong/Lost In A Dream//Is You Is Or Is You Ain't/Don't Dog Your Woman/Blue Berry Hill/Sincerely/I'm Goin' But I'll Be Back
  • FLP-103 Mean Ol' Frisco Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup [1960] Label is red with black printing. Mean Ole Frisco/Look On Yonder Wall/That's Alright/Ethel Mae/Too Much Competition/Standing At My Window//Rock Me Mama/Greyhound Bus/Coal Black Mare/Katie Mae/Dig Myself A Hole/So Glad You're Mine
  • FLP-104 Mojo Hand Lightnin' Hopkins [1962] Label is red with black print. Mojo Hand/Coffee For Mama/Awful Dream/Black Mare Trot/Have You Ever Loved A Woman//Glory Bee/Sometimes She Will/Shine On Moon!/Santa
  • FLP-105 I Need Your Lovin' Don Gardner/Dee Dee Ford [1962] Need Your Lovin'/Now It's Too Late/Nobody But You/Make The Girl Love Me/You Said/Tell Me//I Need You/I'm Coming Home To Stay/What A Thrill/Honey Sweet/Don't You Worry

Fury 7" discography

  • 1000 Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords I'm So Happy (Tra La La La La La) / Lydia
  • 1001 The Miracles Your Love (Is All I Need) / I Love You So
  • 1002 Hal Paige & The Whalers Don't Have To Cry No More / Pour The Corn
  • 1003 Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords Honey Honey (You Don't Know) / Please Tell The Angels
  • 1004 Little Bobby Rivera & The Hemlocks Cora Lee / Joys Of Love
  • 1005 The Federals While Our Hearts Are Young / You're The One I Love
  • 1006 Lewis Lymon & The Teenchords I'm Not Too Young To Fall In Love / Falling In Love
  • 1007 The Kodaks With Pearl McKinnon Teenager's Dream / Little Boy And Girl
  • 1008 Bobby & Buddy What's The Word Thunderbird / I Cried
  • 1009 The Federals Dear Loraine / She's My Girl
  • 1010 The Emotions Candlelight / It's Love
  • 1011 The Du Mauriers All Night Long / Baby I Love You
  • 1012 The Velvets Dance Honey Dance / I I I (Love You So So So)
  • 1013 The Duals Wait Up Baby / Forever And Ever
  • 1014 Sherman & Darts Remember (It's Only You And I) / Rockin' At Midnight
  • 1015 The Kodoks Featuring Pearl McKinnion Oh Gee, Oh Gosh / Make Believe World
  • 1016 Tarheel Slim Number 9 Train / Wildcat Trainer
  • 1017 The Southwinds Build Me A Cabin / They Call Me Crazy
  • 1018 Curtis Carrington I'm Gonna Catch You / You Are My Sunshine
  • 1019 The Kodaks Kingless Castle / My Baby And Me
  • 1020 The Kodaks Run Around Baby / Guardian Angel
  • 1021 The Channels My Love Will Never Die / Bye Bye Baby
  • 1022 The Vibra-Harps The Only Love Of Mine / Be My Dancing Partner
  • 1023 Wilbert Harrison Kansas City / Listen My Darling
  • 1024 Hal Paige & The Whalers Going Back To My Home Town / After Hours Blues
  • 1025 Gino Catastrophe / Right From The Start
  • 1026 The 3 Emotions Night We Met / The Girl I Left Behind
  • 1027 Wilbert Harrison Cheating Baby / Don't Wreck My Life
  • 1028 Wilbert Harrison 1960 / Goodbye Kansas City
  • 1029 The Premiers I Pray / Pigtails Eyes Are Blue
  • 1030 June Bateman Believe Me Darling / Come On Little Boy
  • 1031 Wilbert Harrison C C Rider / Why Did You Leave
  • 1032 Clarence "Junior" Lewis Cupid's Little Helper / Half A Heart
  • 1033 Gil Hamilton Much Obliged / Pretty Baby
  • 1034 The Starlites Valarie / Way Up In The Sky
  • 1035 Sammy Myers You Don't Have To Go / Sad Sad Lonesome Day
  • 1036 The Scarlets Truly Yours / East Of The Sun
  • 1037 Wilbert Harrison Since I Fell For You / Little School Girl
  • 1038 Delmar Depending On You / Lizzie Mae
  • 1039 Little Junior Lewis Come On Back Where You Belong / And That's All I Need
  • 1040 Little Junior Can She Give Me Fever / Your Heart Must Be Made Of Stone
  • 1041 Wilbert Harrison The Horse / Da-De-Ya-Da (Anything For You)
  • 1042 Helen Bryant That's A Promise / I've Learned My Lesson
  • 1043 Riff Ruffin Hucklebuck Scratch / Dig That Rock & Roll
  • 1044 Buddy Skipper The Clock / No More Doggin'
  • 1045 The Starlites Ain't Cha' Ever Coming Home / Silver Lining
  • 1046 Ike Nesbit I Want You / I'm Lonely
  • 1047 Wilbert Harrison Happy In Love / Calypso Dance
  • 1048 Pearl & The Deltars Teenage Dream / Dance Dance Dance
  • 1049 Charles Baker Love Will Make You / Darling Here You Are
  • 1050 Gladys Knight & The Pips Every Beat Of My Heart / Room In Your Heart
  • 1051 Buddy Skipper Make Believe Baby / Back On The Beach Again
  • 1052 Gladys Knight & The Pips Guess Who / Stop Running Around
  • 1053 Lee Dorsey Ya Ya / Give Me You
  • 1054 Gladys Knight & The Pips Letter Full Of Tears / You Broke Your Promise
  • 1055 Wilbert Harrison Drafted / My Heart Is Yours
  • 1056 Lee Dorsey Do-Re-Mi / People Gonna Talk
  • 1057 Jackie & The Starlites I Found Out Too Late / I'm Coming Home
  • 1058 Barry & The Tots Christmas Each Day Of The Year / I'm A Happy Little Christmas Tree
  • 1059 Wilbert Harrison Let's Stick Together / Kansa City Twist
  • 1060 Little Joe Cook This I Know / These Lonely Tears
  • 1061 Lee Dorsey Eenie Meenie Miny Moe / Behind The 8 Ball
  • 1062 Buddy Skipper Don't Be A Shame / Baby Please
  • 1063 Wilbert Harrison Let's Stick Together / My Heart Is Yours
  • 1064 Gladys Knight & The Pips Operator / I'll Trust In You
  • 1065  ?
  • 1066 Lee Dorsey You Are My Sunshine / Give Me Your Love
  • 1067 The Pips Darling / Linda
  • 1068 Slim & Little Ann Send Me The Pillow You Dream On / I Love You Because
  • 1069 Tyron Rowe Mama Don't Allow / I'm A Go'fer
  • 1070 Jimmy Ricks I Wonder / Let Me Down Easy
  • 1071 The Channels My Love Will Never Die / Bye Bye Baby
  • 1072  ?
  • 1073 Gladys Knight Come See About / I Want That Kind Of Love
  • 1074 Lee Dorsey Hoodlum Joe / When I Met My Baby
  • 5000 Billy Habric Human / Talk To Me Baby
  • 5001 Wilbert Harrison (If Women Are) Trouble / Let's Have Some Fun
  • 5002 Willie Hightower If I Had A Hammer / So Tired
  • 5003 Man U Huffman Things Go Better With You / School Boy In Love
  • 5004 Willie Hightower Let's Walk Together / I Love You
  • 5005 Billy Hambrick You're A Sweetheart / Flaming Mamie
  • 5006 Billy Hambre This Is My Prayer / Everybody Needs Love
  • 5050 Johnny Jones Tennessee Waltz / I Find No Fault
  • 5051 Ricky Lewis Cupis / Somebody's Gonna Want Me
  • 5052 Joe Haywood Ghost Of A Love / Debt Of Love

Fury LP discography

  • FULP-1001 Letter Full Of Tears Gladys Knight & Pips [Unissued?] The trail off wax of FULP-1003 also has FLP-1001 which is scratched out. This would indicate that the Gladys Knight album was intended to be Fury 1001.
  • FULP-1002 Ya Ya Lee Dorsey [1962] Yellow label with black printing. Ya Ya/Give Me You/Do-Re-Me/People Gonna Talk/Chin Chin/Mess Around//Eenie Meenie Mini Mo/One And One/Yum Yum/Ixie Dixie Pixie Pie/Behind The Eight-Ball
  • FULP-1003 Letter Full Of Tears Gladys Knight & Pips [1962] The label is yellow with black printing. Trail off wax contains FU-LP-1003 and FLP 1001 which is scratched out. Letter Full Of Tears/You Broke Your Promise/Operator/I'll Trust In You/Morning Noon And Night/I Can't Stand By//Every Beat Of My Heart/Room In Your Heart/Guess Who/Stop Running Around/What Shall I Do?

Enjoy 7" discography

  • 1000 King Curtis Soul Twist / Twisting Time
  • 1002 King Curtis Wobble Twist / Twisting With The King
  • 1002 Chuck Paulin Everybody's Talking / ?
  • 1003 Janet Calloway & Chuck Paulin Lover's Prayer / Mercy Mercy
  • 1003 Janet Calloway Lovers Prayer / Bank Of Love (note diff. b-side and no mention of Paulin)
  • 1004 Jay Cee's Just Say The Word / The Waddle
  • 1005 Titus Turner People Sure Act Funny / My Darkest Hour
  • 1006  ?
  • 1007 Betty Boothe I'm The One Who Needs You / Just A Little Bit Of True Love
  • 1008 Noble Watts Jookin / Noble Watts And June Bateman What Ya Gonna Do
  • 1009 The Naturals Swingin' Low / Lenny Goofed
  • 1010 Rinkydinks Hot Potato Part 1 / Part 2
  • 1011 Les & Gloria Twisting One More Time / Peter Piper
  • 1012 Ti Mattison Don't Make Me Cry / Please Don't
  • 1013 The Cross Jordan Singers Jesus Died / Troubled No More
  • 1014 Mary B Ain't Nobody's Business / Cut It Out
  • 1015 Titus Turner Soulville / My Darkest Hour
  • 1016 Jimmy Armstrong Count The Tears / I'm Going To Lock My Heart
  • 2001 Channels Sad Song / My Love
  • 2002 Johnny Wilson Please Be Fair / You're Still My Baby
  • 2003 The Hootenaires Baby, Baby (I Love You) / Bill Bailey (Come On Home)
  • 2004 Barry & The Tots I'm A Happy Little Christmas Tree / Christmas Each Day Of The Year
  • 2005 Charlie Lucas Walkin' / Jump For Joy
  • 2006 Wild Jimmy Spruill Cut And Dried / The Rooster
  • 2007 Riff Ruffin Plain English / Hoop And Holler
  • 2008 Ronnie & The Manhattans Come On Back / Long Time No See
  • 2009 Louis Jones I Believe In My Soul / Hurry Baby
  • 2010 Titus Turner Bow Wow / I Love You Baby
  • 2011 Little Joe & The Thrillers Peanuts And Popcorn / Chicken Little Boo Boo
  • 2012 Gladys Knight & The Pips What Shall I Do / Love Call
  • 2013 Joe Haywood Warm And Tender Love / I Would If I Could
  • 2014 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann Got To Keep On Lovin' You / You Make Me Feel So Good
  • 2015 Elmore James It Hurts Me Too / Bleeding Heart
  • 2015 Elmore James It Hurts Me Too / Pickin' The Blues
  • 2016 Joe Haywood When You Look In The Mirror (You're Looking At The One You Love) / Talk To Me Baby (Put Some Sugar In My Ear)
  • 2017 Jay Dee Bryant You're Hurting Me / Get It
  • 2018 Riff Ruffin Home Cookin / Hot Waffles
  • 2019 Willie Hightower Too Late / What Am I Living For
  • 2020 Elmore James Mean Mistreatin' Mama / Bleeding Heart
  • 2021 Bobby Porter Foxy Devil / Searching For Love
  • 2022 Elmore James Look On Yonder Wall / Shake Your Moneymaker
  • 2023 Sammy Taylor Ain't That Some Shame / Next In Line
  • 2024 Les Cooper Owee Baby / Let's Do The Boston Monkey
  • 2025 Ster-Phonics Roamin' Heart
  • 2026  ?
  • 2027 Elmore James Dust My Broom / Everyday I Have The Blues
  • 2028 Sammy Taylor Don't Lie / Your Precious Love
  • 5000 Rocky O'Neal Here I Go / Where Am I Going Wrong
  • 5001 Ricky Lewis Welcome Home / Somebody's Gonna Want Me
  • 5050 Ricky Lewis Cupid / Somebody's Gonna Want Me
  • 6009 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five / Super Rappin' No. 2 / Super Rappin' Theme
  • 6016 Treacherous Three / Feel The Heartbeat (Have Fun)

Enjoy label 12" Discography

  • EN-6002 Spoonie Gee & Treacherous Three, The* Love Rap / The New Rap Language (12")
  • ER-6011 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Super Rappin' No.2 (12", RP)
  • 6000 Funky Four Plus One More Rappin' And Rocking The House (12")
  • 6001 Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five* Superappin' (12")
  • ER-6002 Spoonie Gee & Treacherous Three, The* The New Rap Language / Love Rap (12")
  • ER-6006 Kool Kyle The Starchild Do You Like That Funky Beat (Ahh Beat Beat) (12")
  • ER-6007 Treacherous Three, The* The Body Rock (12")
  • ER-6008 Treacherous Three, The* At The Party (12")
  • ER-6010 Disco Four, The* Move To The Groove (12")
  • ER-6011 Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Super Rappin' No.2 (12")
  • ER-6012 Doctor Ice (2) Calling Doctor Ice (12")
  • ER-6013 Treacherous Three Feel The Heartbeat (12")
  • ER-6014 Kool Kyle (The Starchild)* It's Rockin Time (12")
  • ER-6017 Disco Four Do It, Do It (12")
  • ER-6018 Treacherous Three, The* Put The Boogie In Your Body (12")
  • ER-6021 Midnight Blue Enjoy With Me (12")
  • ER-6022 Spanish Fly & The Terrible Two Spanglish (12")
  • ER-6023 Higher Ground (2) Shake 'Em Up (12")
  • ER-6023 Higher Ground (2) Shake 'Em Up (12")
  • EN-1163 Packman, The I'm The Packman (Eat Everything I Can) (12")
  • EN-1163 / EN-1164 Packman, The I'm The Packman (Eat Everything I Can) (12", Promo)
  • EN-6032 Masterdon Committee, The Funk Box Party (12")
  • ER-6024 Fearless Four, The It's Magic (12")
  • ER-6024 Fearless Four, The It's Magic (12", RE)
  • ER-6025 Silver Star Eei Eei O (12")
  • ER-6026 Disco Four Country Rock And Rap (12")
  • ER-6028 Fearless Four, The Rockin' It (12")
  • ER-6029 Masterdon Committee, The Gonna' Get You Hot (12")
  • ER-6029 Masterdon Committee, The Gonna' Get You Hot (12", Promo)
  • ER-6031 Packman, The I'm The Packman (Eat Everything I Can) (12")
  • ER-6032 Masterdon Committee, The Funkbox Party (Live) (12")
  • EN-6033 Masterdon Committee, The Musicgram (12")
  • EN-6035 Doug E. Fresh Just Having Fun (Do The Beat Box) (12", Promo)
  • ER-6034 Source, The (2) The Ghetto (12")
  • ER-6035 Doug E. Fresh Just Having Fun (Do The Beat Box) (12")
  • EN-6036 Spoonie Gee New Love Rap (12")
  • EN-6037 Crazy Eddie (3) & Jazaq Come On Party People (Lets Ge Down) (12")
  • EN-6038 New York City Trooper Here We Go (12")
  • EN-6039 Ninga Crack Attack (12")
  • EN-6040 DLB (The Microphone Wizard)* Magic (12")
  • EN-6044 Masterdon I Paid The Cost To Be The Boss (12")
  • ER-6041 Deuce II, The Are You Ready (For The Big Throwdown) (12")

Enjoy LP discography

  • ENLP-2001 Soul Twist King Curtis [1962] Label is gold with blue printing. Soul Twist/Twisting Time/What'd I Say/I Know/Sack O' Woe Twist/Camp Meetin'//Wobble Twist/Irresistible You/Big Dipper/Twisting With The King/Midnight Blue

Everlast LP discography

  • ELP-201 Our Best To You Various Artists [1960] Label is orange with black printing. Deserie Charts/Zoop Charts/Why Do You Cry Charts/Dance Girl Charts/You're The Reason Charts/I've Been Wondering Charts//I Want To Know Ladders/Counting The Stars Ladders /My Love Has Gone Ladders /Lorraine Harmonaires/Come Back Harmonaires/Baby Bop-Chords
  • ELP-202 Wiggle Wobble Les Cooper and the Soul Rockers [1963] Label is white and orange with black printing. Popeye Dance/Wiggle Wobble No. 2/Jungle Pony/Dig Yourself/Shimmy Rock/Wiggle Wobble//The Monkey/Hippity Hop/Wobble Party/Twistin' One More Time/Bossa Nova Dance/At The Party

Front Page 7" discography

  • 1000 Joe Haywood Im Walkin / Strong Feelin
  • 1001 The Victones I Need You So / My Baby Changes
  • 1002 Jim And Lee Adam And Eve / Ill Never Change
  • 1003 Joe Haywood I Cross My Heart And Hope To Die / In Your Heart You Know I Love You
  • 2301 Lee Moses Time And Place / I Cant Take No Chances
  • 2302 The Victones- Somebody Really Loves You / Two Sides To Love


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