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born on 12/8/1946

Ken Caillat

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Ken Caillat

Kenneth Douglas "Ken" Caillat ( /kæle/ kal-LEI-'; born August 12, 1946) is an American record producer. He is best known for producing the Fleetwood Mac albums Rumours, Tusk, Mirage, Live, and The Chain Box Set.

Life and career

Caillat was the president of 5.1 Entertainment Group Digital Production Services, which has worked on albums for Billy Idol, Frank Sinatra, Pat Benatar, Wilson Phillips, the Beach Boys, Herbie Hancock, David Becker and Alice Cooper as well as Christine McVie on her solo album In the Meantime, in addition to Fleetwood Mac, remastering in 5.1 DVD audio format. He won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year for Rumours.[1]

In addition to production, he has been a director, studio engineer, author and musician. In 2012 he released his memoir on his experiences co-producing and engineering the 1977 Rumours album, called Making Rumours.[2] In 2013 Caillat became the Ceo of Sleeping Giant Music Group, LLC (a Sleeping Giant Media company), a pop and rock label in Los Angeles, CA.[3]

He is the father of singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat and produced her albums Coco (2007), Breakthrough (2009), All of You (2011), and Christmas in the Sand (2012).

Production discography

  • How Time Flys (1973) David Ossman (Engineer)
  • Fairytale (1965) Donovan (Producer)
  • Basket of Light (1969) Pentangle (Executive producer)
  • Astrud Gilberto Now (1972) Astrud Gilberto (Executive producer)
  • Love Music (1973) Sergio Mendes (Assistant)
  • The Phoenix Concerts (1974) John Stewart (Assistant engineer, engineer)
  • Where We All Belong (1974) The Marshall Tucker Band (Engineer)
  • Elevation (1973) Pharoah Sanders (Engineer)
  • Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band, Vol. 1 (1975) Gabby Pahinui (Engineer)
  • Searchin' for a Rainbow (1975) The Marshall Tucker Band (Engineer)
  • Amazonas (1975) Cal Tjader (Remixing, engineer)
  • Cool Rasta (1976) The Heptones (Executive producer)
  • Greatest Stories Live (1976) Harry Chapin (Engineer)
  • Look at Me Now The Buckeye Politicians (Engineer)
  • Warren Zevon (1976) Warren Zevon (Audio engineer)
  • Rumours (1977) Fleetwood Mac (Engineer, Mastering, producer); Winner Grammy Award for Album of the Year.
  • Germ Free Adolescents (1978) X-Ray Spex (Executive producer)
  • Tusk (1979) Fleetwood Mac (Remastering, engineer, producer)
  • Distant Shores (1980) Robbie Patton (Engineer, producer)
  • Live (1980) Fleetwood Mac (Engineer, mixing, producer)
  • Mirage (1982) Fleetwood Mac (Engineer, producer)
  • Which One of Us Is Me (1984) Jay Gruska (Engineer)
  • Dancing on the Ceiling (1986) Lionel Richie (Special Effects, engineer)
  • Bad (1987) Michael Jackson (Engineer)
  • Streamlines (1987) Tom Scott
  • "The Cockney Kids Are Innocent" on The First, the Best and the Last (1980) Sham 69 (Executive producer)
  • "Siberian Express" (1988) David BeckerTribune (Producer, engineer)
  • Live (1988) The Dramatics (Engineer)
  • Greatest Hits (1988) Fleetwood Mac (Producer)
  • Dorian's Legacy (1989) Spencer Brewer (Engineer)
  • Third Time Around (1990) - David BeckerTribune (Producer, engineer)
  • Live and Improvised (1991) Blood, Sweat & Tears (Engineer)
  • Live at Ronnie Scott's (1990) Taj Mahal (Executive producer)
  • Third Time Around (1990) David BeckerTribune (Engineer, mixing, producer)
  • 25 Years The Chain (1992) Fleetwood Mac (Producer, engineer)
  • How Far? How Fast? (1992) Robin Frederick (Design, producer, mixing, engineer)
  • Mom's (1992) Carl Stone (Audio engineer)
  • Seven Day Weekend (1992) New York Dolls (Executive producer)
  • Deaf Forever: The Best of Motörhead (2000) Motörhead (Executive producer)
  • Fiend with a Violin (1996) The Fall (Executive producer)
  • Very Best of the Searchers (1998) The Searchers (Executive producer)
  • Close to the Wind (1998) Fairport Convention (Executive producer)
  • Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker (Highlights) (DVD Audio) London Symphony Orchestra (Producer, executive producer)
  • Erase the Slate (1999) Dokken (Executive producer)
  • The Little David Years (1971-1977) (1999) George Carlin (Engineer)
  • Directions: East Directions (Executive producer)
  • Directions: North Directions (Executive producer)
  • Directions: South Directions (Executive producer)
  • Directions: West Directions (Executive producer)
  • Elements: Earth Elements (Executive producer, producer)
  • Elements: Spirit Elements (Executive producer, producer)
  • Elements: Water Elements (Executive producer, producer)
  • Bare Bones (1999) Wishbone Ash (Executive producer)
  • Then and Now (2000) Lynyrd Skynyrd (Executive producer, mixing)
  • Coco (2007) Colbie Caillat (Executive producer, mixing, producer, audio production)
  • Breakthrough (2009) Colbie Caillat (Mixing, producer, engineer, Rhythm Arrangements, executive producer)
  • All of You (2011) Colbie Caillat (producer)
  • Christmas in the Sand (2012) Colbie Caillat (producer)


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