Liane Foly

Liane Foly

geboren am 16.12.1962 in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, Frankreich

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Liane Foly

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Liane Foly

Liane Foly (born in Lyon on 16 December 1962), is a popular French blues and jazz singer, actress, presenter and impressionist.

Early years

Foly was born the 16 December 1962[1] in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon. Her parents, a merchant family in French Algeria, returned to France in 1962 with the Pied-Noir community and moved to Lyon, near to the Perrache quarter where they owned La droguerie du sourire.[1] As a child of five she practised dancing. At age 12, she sang with her parents' orchestra, Black and White with her brother Philippe on the drums and her sister Corinne at the piano. Later she continued to sing in local night clubs and bars, developing affinity for blues and jazz. She studied languages for her Baccalauréat and is perfectly bilingual with English.

Liane's brother is Philippe Falliex, a French composer for television and radio shows. He composed several of her songs and accompanied her on stage as a drummer.


In 1984, Foly was discovered by Philippe Viennet and André Manoukian, who offered to write for her and record a demo. After much work she arrived in Paris in 1987 and obtained a meeting with Fabrice Nataf, artistic director and patron of Virgin France. He launched Liane Foly's career. She only became Liane Foly in 1986, Foly in homage to Dalí who at the time said in an advert that he was mad for chocolate. In 1988, she published her first album, The Man I Love, promoted by the Ca va, ça vient single. It was a commercial success, landing in the top 50. The same year she performed on stage in Paris (La Cigale). The album was composed by André Manoukian, with lyrics written by Foly and Philippe Viennet. Her 1997 album, Caméléon, was Foly's first without André Manoukian. Produced by Philippe Viennet, it was largely ignored by the French public. Foly took a greater part in the composition of her 2000 album, Entre nous.

Private life

Between 1984 to 1992, Liane Foly was associated with André Manoukian, her artistic collaborator, and between 1996 to 2002 with her manager, Laurent B. Souffir. In August 2003, Foly married Augustin Decré, a businessman. They divorced in 2007. Foly lived in London from 1997 to 2007 when she returned to live in Paris.


  • (1985) Besoin de toi (45')
  • (1988) The Man I Love, from which the single Ça va, ça vient made the top 50.
  • (1990) Rêve orange
  • (1993) Les petites notes, also recorded in English as Sweet Mystery
  • (1994) Lumières (live)
  • (1997) Caméléon recorded in Los Angeles.
  • (1999) Acoustique
  • (2000) Entre nous
  • (2002) Au fur et à mesure (best of)
  • (2004) La chanteuse de bal
  • (2005) Une étoile dort (recorded live at the Casino de Paris)
  • (2008) Le goût du désir


  • (1992) La Belle Et La Bête (Disney), Liane Foly & Charles Aznavour sing the duo of : La Belle Et La Bête
  • (1994) Jalna (Soundtrack), Liane Foly sings the song of the generic
  • (2000) La Bicyclette bleue (Soundtrack), Liane Foly sings : La Chanson de Léa
  • (2010) Ces amours-là (Soundtrack), Liane Foly sings four songs: Du chaud dans tes bras, Que reste-t-il de nos amours, Cette fille-là, B comme Berlin

Music video

  • (2000) Acoustique tour, Palais des sports
  • (2008) La folle parenthèse


Year Film Role
1995 Zadoc et le bonheur Rose
2004 La battante Cathy Rolland
2006 Navarro (Adolescence brisée) Claude Derval
2007 Je crois que je l'aime Jeanne Larozière
2009 RIS, last episode, season 4, A l'ombre du paradis Monica
2009 La Liste Anita Hochet
2009 Boogie (Boogie, el aceitoso), (animation) Boogie
2010 À dix minutes de la plage Rita
2010 La princesse et la grenouille, (animation) Mama Odie
2010 Joséphine, ange gardien (Marie-Antoinette) Laura Calle
2010 Ces amours-là A Street Singer

Other work

Foly participated in La folle parenthèse by Marc Jolivet, a mime show with 30 different voices. In 1993, she took part in the first charity concert of Enfoirés, participating regularly in later concerts. Since 1995 part of proceeds from her two albums went to AIDS charities. Since 2006, she has worked for AFIPA, an organization fighting the commercialisation of pet animal furs (dogs and cats). Foly is a patron of the non-profit organisation Make a Wish (Belgium).

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