Reduced services online and via app at Radio Swiss Classic


Currently, various information and functions cannot be displayed on the Radio Swiss Classic website or in the app.

Our broadcasting system is currently undergoing a complete overhaul. As a result, on the website we can only display reduced information on the music played on the website (title, composer). The following functions are temporarily unavailable:

  • research in the online Music Database
  • rating of and commenting on the played tracks
  • e-mail notification of scheduled titles
  • download of the app
  • further small additional functions

We are in the process of reprogramming the website and integrating some old and new features. However, this will take several weeks to months. We ask for your understanding.

We are aware that this change restricts the usual application of our online services. These restrictions also apply to the app.

Online radio reception still possible

Not affected is reception of the music on our website and on already downloaded apps. On already installed apps and of course on our website the music programme can still be listened to, but only reduced or no information at all about the titles is displayed here (title, composer).


RSC/DB, 17.04.2019