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Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra

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The Budapest Strings Chamber Orchestra is a professional Hungarian orchestra.


The orchestra was founded by graduates of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest and established in 1977 as Septet. Finally, it developed into a sixteen headed string orchestra, which was awarded first prize in 1982 at the International Chamber Orchestra Competition in Belgrad.[1] Since 1983 the orchestra performs regularely in the most important concert halls in Hungary. In 1995 it founded the International Haydn Festival in Fertőd. Besides playing the standard repertoire for string orchestra, it performs compositions by Hungarian composers such as Béla Bartók and Leó Weiner. In March 2013 the orchestra world premiered Robert Gulya's Nutcracker-Variations for guitar and strings at Palace of Arts in Budapest.[2] Moreover, the chamber orchestra worked with known soloists such as Peter Frankl, Johanna Beisteiner and Irena Grafenauer.[3] It recorded numerous CDs for Hungaroton, Naxos Records and other labels.


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