Alfredo Le Pera

nato 1900 a São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasile

morto il 24.6.1935 a Medellín, Antoquia, Colombia

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Alfredo Le Pera

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Alfredo Le Pera (4 June 1900? – 24 June 1935) was an Argentinian journalist, dramatist, and lyricist, best known for his brief but fruitful collaboration with the tango singer Carlos Gardel. Some of their best-known collaborations are the tangos Volver, Melodía de arrabal, Cuesta abajo, Soledad, Volvió una noche, Golondrina, Lejana tierra mía, Por una cabeza, Mi Buenos Aires querido, and El día que me quieras.

Le Pera was born in São Paulo, Brazil. When he was two months old, his italian parents move to Buenos Aires. At the beginning of his career, he worked for several Argentinian periodicals as a theater critic. In 1931, he travelled to Paris, where he met Gardel. Le Pera wrote tangos together with Gardel as well as preparing the scripts for a number of his films.

Le Pera is credited with elevating the literary quality of tango lyrics while respecting the popular character of the musical form.

He died in a plane crash on 24 June 1935 in Medellín, Colombia, along with Carlos Gardel and other musicians with whom they were on tour.

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