Chris Merritt

Date de naissance 20.11.1982 à Etats-Unis d Amérique

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Chris Merritt (songwriter)

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Chris Merritt

Chris Merritt in American Fork, Utah
on May 3, 2007
Background information
Born November 20, 1982
Origin Upperville, Virginia - USA
Genre(s) piano rock, alternative rock, pop rock
Occupation(s) songwriter, pianist, vocalist
Years active 2000-present
Label(s) self-released, Takeover Records
Paperface, Upperville
Former members
Roland Osborne, Jacob Thro, Tristan Siple, Andrew Merritt, Brian Mayfield, Chris Walvoord, Dave Fujinami

Chris Merritt (born November 20, 1982) is an American songwriter, pianist and singer from Upperville, Virginia. Merritt was the creative force behind the now-defunct bands Paperface and Upperville. Since 2006, Merritt has recorded and performed under his own name. He currently resides in Virginia.[1][2]


Paperface/Upperville (2000-2006)

Chris Merritt founded the band Paperface in 2000 while still a student at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, Virginia and continued with the band through his 4 years at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Virginia. Paperface signed with Takeover Records in 2005.[3] Soon after, Merritt and Paperface relocated to Southern California.[4]

Paperface's only release on Takeover, "The Legend of Harley Knowles," was picked as one of the top ten albums of 2005 by former Yellowcard bassist, Peter Mosely, in Billboard magazine's "2005 Artists' Choice" feature.[5]

Paperface dissolved in early 2006 and Merritt joined with former bandmate, Roland Osborne, to form the group, Upperville. Merritt left Upperville later that year and began performing under his own name.[6]

Solo career (2006-present)

Merritt recorded his debut solo album, "Hello, Little Captain" in late 2006 with Chris Walvoord (drums) and Dave Fujinami (bass).[7] Merritt relocated to Utah early the following year to form a new trio with childhood friend, Tim Fellow (drums) and Utah native, Dustin Hofheins (bass).[8][9][10][11] Merritt released "Hello, Little Captain" shortly after his arrival to Utah.[12]

In 2007, Merritt was chosen by editors at Billboard magazine as one of the top six independent artists in the Western United States as part of the Independent Music World Series.[13]

On April 23, 2008, Merritt opened for Ben Folds at Saltair in Salt Lake City, Utah[14] and in May and June, Merritt headlined 10 shows in Japan.[15] Also in June, two-time Grammy-winning member of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Jeff Coffin, performed with Merritt on stage in Park City, Utah.[16]

Merritt released his latest effort, a double album entitled, Pixie and the Bear, on June 21, 2008. [17][18]

Musical style

Audio samples of Chris Merritt:

Merritt's musical style is most commonly described as "piano-driven rock" or "piano rock".[15][17][12] However, apart from the use of the piano as his primary instrument in performance and recording, Merritt's compositions are stylistically diverse ranging from classically inspired ballads to 8-bit produced dance music.[18][19]



  • Thawed For Your Convenience (2000 self release)
  • Jimmy's Bad Day With Chicken (2001 no official release)
  • Rock, Scissors (2003 self release)[20]
  • The Legend of Harley Knowles (2004 self release)[21]
  • The Legend of Harley Knowles (2005 Takeover Records release)[21]


  • Upperville EP (2006 self release)


  • Hello, Little Captain (2007 self release)[7]
  • Pixie and the Bear (2008 self release)


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