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Carpark North

Carpark North is a Danish electronic rock band. The band was formed in Aarhus, Denmark on 28 July 1999 by Lau Højen (vocal, guitar), Søren Balsner (bass, synthesisers) and Morten Thorhauge (drums). The name "Carpark North" was created from the electro and rock genres: "Carpark" stands for car parks, edges, roughness, metal - the rock part, and "North" stands for northern lights, stars ethereal electronics.

In an interview with MTV, Lau Højen explained that the name was chosen, because when they started the band they misinterpreted the meaning of Carpark as Graveyard. They only discovered the error a few months later and decided not to change the name of the band.


The foundation for Carpark North was laid at Mellerup Efterskole, where Søren Balsner and Lau Højen met and formed a band. This band played in the national championship in rock in 1997.

Søren and Lau split up after Mellerup, and Lau started his education at high school - Aarhus Katedralskole. Here he joined a band - "Spacekraft" and met Morten Thorhauge a young drummer from Søften. After a couple of months Lau and Morten formed their own band, and contacted Søren.

The first notes by Carpark North were played on a hot summer day in July 1999 in the MGK-facilities in Aarhus, Denmark.

In January 2010, the band announced that they had been signed internationally by Sony Music.[1]


  • Danish Music Awards (2006) - Video of the Year ("Human"), directed by Martin de Thurah
  • Robert (2004) - Best Film Score ("Transparent & Glasslike")
  • Zulu Award (2003) - New Comer of the Year
  • P3 Guld (2003) - Hit of the Year ("Transparent & Glasslike")
  • Gaffa Prisen (2003) - New Comer of the Year
  • P3 Prisen (2001) - New Comer MP3 Prisen

Appearances in media

  • TV show Alias (2005) - with the song "Homeland" from Carpark North.
  • Video game FIFA 08 (2007) - with the song "Human" from All Things to All People.
  • Film Midsommer (2003) - Carpark North's debut Carpark North was chosen to be the official soundtrack for the film.
  • Film Nordkraft (2005)


Studio albums

Year Title Charts
2003 Carpark North 1
2005 All Things to All People 4
2008 Grateful 5
2010 Lost

Compilation albums

Year Title Charts
2010 Best Days (Greatest & Live) 10


  • Carstereo (2000) (demo)
  • 40 Days EP (2002)


Year Single Charts Album
DEN Singles Chart
P3 Tjeklisten
2001 "There's a Place" Non-album single[4]
2002 "40 Days" 40 Days EP
2003 "Transparent & Glasslike" 24[+] 1 Carpark North
"Wild Wonders" 1
"Kiss Me" 5
2005 "Human" 9 1 All Things to All People
"Best Day" 2
"Fireworks" 8
"Song About Us" (Live in Copenhagen) Non-album single
2006 "The Beasts" 4 All Things to All People
2008 "Shall We Be Grateful" 5 2 Grateful
"More" 22 6
2009 "Save Me From Myself" 12 2
"Leave My Place" 17
2010 "Lost (Peace)" Lost
"Just Human"
"Burn It" 27 Best Days (Greatest & Live)
2011 "Leave My Place" [re-release] Lost
"Everything Starts Again" 34 Best Days (Greatest & Live)
2013 "Army of Open Arms" 25 TBA
"32" (feat. Stine Bramsen) 20 TBA
"" denotes releases that did not chart.
  • +  - "Transparent & Glasslike" didn't chart on the Danish Singles Chart until in 2009.


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