Jonathan Graham "Jonny" Quinn

born on 26/2/1972 in Bangor, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Alias Johnny Quinn

Jonny Quinn

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Jonny Quinn

Jonathan Graham "Jonny" Quinn[1] (b. 26 February 1972) is a Northern Irish drummer, born in Bangor.[2] He is best known as the drummer for alternative rock band Snow Patrol, and was previously a member of bands like The Mighty Fall, The New Brontes and Disraeli Gears. As drummer for Snow Patrol, he has played on all releases. He is married to industrial designer Mariane Quinn (née Røkke).


He attended Rockport School near Holywood where singer Gary Lightbody was also a pupil. He once used to work in the music store for Good Vibrations, the record label that first signed The Undertones.[3] In the early 1990s, he was a member of The Mighty Fall, in which he had a band mate in Iain Archer.[4][5] He was also a member of The New Brontes.[6] In the summer of 1992, he became a member of Disraeli Gears, which was formed by Iain's brother Paul.[7][8][8] In 1995, he completed a BTEC Diploma in Performing Arts.[9] In October 1996, he started a live music venue with Brendan McCauley, called The Crescent Arts Centre. Disraeli Gears played regular shows at the venue throughout the rest of the year.[9] In 1997, they recorded their first studio album, Pure Groove.[9]

He's been with Snow Patrol since their first full-length release, Songs for Polarbears. During Snow Patrol's Eyes Open Tour, on 15 January 2007, Quinn broke a bone in his elbow in a snowboarding accident and was unable to play several shows of the tour.[10][11] He asked Ex-Therapy? drummer and long-time friend of the band Graham Hopkins to fill in for him.[11] Hopkins toured Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States for 3 months until Quinn had fully recovered.[12] In the meantime, Snow Patrol were to play at the 2007 BRIT Awards. U2's Larry Mullen, Jr. volunteered to take on the duty but the band already had Hopkins. Quinn said he felt "honored" at the offer.[13] He names Ginger Baker, Louie Bellson and Stewart Copeland among his influences.[14]

Personal life

He is the nephew of actress Patricia Quinn and the brother of Bradley Quinn, Snow Patrol's longtime photographer.[15] His cousin is Debbie Armstrong, wife of former Northern Ireland assistant manager Gerry Armstrong.[16] Quinn had a habit of stage-diving, which resulted in many fractured limbs. After the band signed to Fiction/Interscope, he was asked to curb it, lest he break his arm.[17]

He proposed to his longtime girlfriend, industrial designer Mariane Røkke at Snow Patrol's homecoming show at Ward Park in 2007. He wrote "Marry me Mariane" on his drum kit, which was shown on the screens beside the stage. They tied the knot in Mariane's hometown Oslo on 16 August 2008. Jonny's brother Bradley Quinn was the best man. Guests included the band, past Snow Patrol collaborator and band mate Iain Archer and singer Declan O'Rourke. The couple went to Zanzibar for their honeymoon.[18] He lives in Crouch End, London with his wife and son, near band mate Nathan Connolly.[19][20]


with The Mighty Fall
1991 "Kick It in the Head";[21][22]
with Disraeli Gears
1995 Sense EP
1997 Pure Groove[23]
with Snow Patrol
1998 Songs for Polarbears
2001 When It's All Over We Still Have to Clear Up
2003 Final Straw
2006 Eyes Open
2008 A Hundred Million Suns
2009 Up to Now
2011 - Fallen Empires
2013 - Greatest Hits


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