Gary Leeds

born on 9/3/1942 in Glendale, CA, United States

Alias Gary Walker

Gary Walker (musician)

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Gary Walker (musician)

Gary Walker (born Gary Leeds on March 9, 1942) is an American musician, who was the drummer and vocalist with both The Standells and The Walker Brothers.

Gary Walker was the catalyst in bringing the unrelated Walker Brothers to the UK in 1965 where, for a couple of years, they enjoyed commercial success. He had two minor UK hit singles while still a member of the group in 1966. The Walker Brothers split in May 1967 with all three members going solo.[1]

In 1967 he founded Gary Walker and The Rain, which consisted of Joey Molland (guitar and vocals); Charles "Paul" Crane (lead vocals, guitar); and John Lawson (bass guitar).




  • "You Don't Love Me" (T Raye) / "Get It Right" (J Stewart) - CBS 202036 - Feb 1966 (Produced by Scott Walker & John Stewart)
  • "Twinkie-Lee" (J Bright) / "She Makes Me Feel Better" (J Stewart) - CBS 202081 May 1966 (Produced by Scott Walker & John Stewart)
  • "Hello, How Are You" (Vanda/Young) / "Fran" (Gary Leeds) - United Artists UP 34742 March 1975 (Produced by Allan Clarke from The Hollies)
  • "Cutie Morning Moon" (Scott Walker/Masaharu Honjo) / "Garys Theme" (Masaharu Honjo) Philips FS 1041 - 1968 (Notes: Japan only released single recorded with The Carnabeats, produced by Scott Walker who also played bass guitar)

As Gary Walker and The Rain

  • "Spooky" (Middlebrooks/Shapiro) / "I Can't Stand To Lose You" (Gary Walker/Paul Crane) - Polydor 56237 / Japan: Philips SFL 1150 January 1968 (Produced by Scott Walker)
  • "Come In Youll Get Pneumonia" (Vanda/Young) / "Francis" (Leeds/Molland/Crane/Lawson) - Philips BF 1740 - 1969
  • "The View" (G Leeds/J Molland) / "Thoughts Of An Old Man" (G Leeds/J Molland) Japan only: Philips SFL 1174 - 1968
  • "Magazine Woman" (J Molland) / "Take A Look" (J Molland) Japan only: Philips SFL 1740-1968


  • Album No. 1 Japan only: Philips SFX 7133 - 1968

"Magazine Woman" (J Molland); "The Sun Shines" (P Crane); "Doctor Doctor" (J Molland); "I Can't Stand To Lose You" (G Leeds/P Crane); "Market Tavern" (J Molland); "Spooky" (Middlebrooks/Shapiro); "Take A Look" (J Molland); "The View" (G Leeds/J Molland); "If You Don't Come Back" (Leiber/Stoller); "Thoughts Of An Old Man" (G Leeds/J Molland); "Francis" (Leeds/Molland/Crane/Lawson); "I Promise To Love You" (P Crane): "Whatever Happened To Happy" (Bonner/Gordon)


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