Cellokonzert D-Dur

Arthur Sullivan

Cellokonzert D-Dur


Interpreten Sir Charles Mackerras (Dirigent)
London Symphony Orchestra (Orchester / Ensemble)
Julian Lloyd Webber (Solist, Violoncello)

Komponist Sir Arthur Sullivan
* 13.5.1842, London, England, Grossbritannien
† 22.11.1900, London, England, Grossbritannien Sir Charles Mackerras
* 17.11.1925, Schenectady, NY, USA
† 14.6.2010, London, England, Grossbritannien David Mackie
* 25.11.1943, Greenock, Scotland, Grossbritannien


Gilbert, Sullivan "The Gondoliers, Cello Concerto"

Sir Malcolm Sargent, Sir Charles Mackerras

Gilbert, Sullivan "The Gondoliers, Cello Concerto"

Label EMI Classics for pleasure / 5099921342820

Produktionsjahr 1999

Tracks - CD 1
Sir Arthur Sullivan
The Gondoliers, or the King of Barataria. Operette in zwei Akten
1. Overture
2. List And Learn, Ye Dainty Roses
3. Good Morrow, Pretty Maids
4. For The Merriest Fellows
5. Buon'giorno, Signorine
6. We're Called Gondolieri
7. And Now To Choose Our Brides
8. Thank You Gallant Gondolieri
9. From The Sunny Spanish Shore
10. In Enterprise Of Martial Kind
11. O Rapture When Alone
12. There Was A Time
13. I Stole The Prince
14. But Bless My Heart
15. Try We Life-Long
16. Bridegroom And Bride
17. When A Merry Maiden Marries
18. Kind Sir, You Cannot Have The Heart
19. Do Not Give Way
20. Then One Of Us Will Be A Queen
21. Replying We Sing
22. For Everyone Who Feels
23. Come, Let's Away
24. Then Away They Go To An Island Fair
Tracks - CD 2
Sir Arthur Sullivan
The Gondoliers, or the King of Barataria. Operette in zwei Akten
1. Of Happiness The Very Pith
2. Rising Early In The Morning
3. Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes
4. Here We Are, At Risk Of Our Lives
5. Dance A Cachucha, Fandango, Bolero
6. There Lived A King
7. In A Contemplative Fashion
8. With Ducal Pomp And Ducal Pride
9. On The Day When I Was Wedded
10. To Help Unhappy Commoners
11. Small Titles And Orders
12. I Am A Courtier Grave And Serious
13. Here Is A Case Unprecedented
14. Now Let The Royal Lieges Gather Round
15. The Royal Prince
Sir Arthur Sullivan
Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester, D-dur